Problem shared is problem solved
Problem shared is problem solved

On a Tuesday afternoon, Voice cartoonist, Lesole Ntshole was at the Office of the President reception when he overheard a conversation on how to deal with problems between clients waiting for service.

WOMAN IN SUNGLASSES: Dumelang. Why are you so quiet? To tell the truth, I don’t like to sit with people who don’t talk.

Feels like you are at a funeral.

MAN IN CHECKERED SHIRT: It’s not that we don’t want to talk. We’re just thinking.

We have problems. I’m just thinking of Gaborone.

Day by day, it becomes more and more difficult to survive in Gaborone. You fix one problem, another one pops up.

City is too expensive and salaries too low.There’s just no money around.

WOMAN IN SUNGLASSES: You know what? A problem shared is a problem halved so let’s talk about those problems.

Lets share the burden.

You’ll be amazed at how relieved you’d feel when you leave.

MAN IN MAROON JACKET: I do agree with you when you say opening up about our problems is helpful.

Not sharing is one reason why there are a lot of suicides these days.

Many people choose to keep problems to themselves instead of talking to others about them.

WOMAN IN SUNGLASSES: Sharing our problems can actually give us perspective.

You might find out that you are making an anthill out of a molehill.

Hearing what others are going through might actually make you realise that there are people handling bigger problems out there and therefore there’s no need to panic.

You could also get ideas on how to solve that particular problem from someone who had gone through a simillar situation before.

MAN IN MAROON JACKET: As long as we live, we should embrace problems.

They are part of life and they provide learning experiences.

The more we accept that, the more we’ll be armed with skills to wrestle the same problem the next time it resurfaces.

MAN IN CHECKERED SHIRT: “Mhmm. I hear you good people but you can talk until the cows come home and still salary won’t be enough when you are finished talking.

So if you can excuse me ladies, I prefer to think of a plan to supplement my meagre salary in peace and quiet.

(Officer calls next client to the office and CHECKERED SHIRT goes in)

MAROON SHIRT: ” Why is he so grumpy on a Monday morning?

But then again what can one expect from a man wearing a dish cloth for a shirt?”

(Laughter breaks out followed by awkward silence as conversation dies down)

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