Homosexuality is a hot topic that people like to discuss. Some people have accepted gays in the society while others have not stopped frowning at what they see as unacceptable behaviour.

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni recently went to the extent of signing an anti-gay law.

The Voice Correspondent SHINGIRAI MADONDO listened to a conversation between police officers and civilians about the issue outside Francistown’s magistrate’s court.

MALE POLICE OFFICER: One of the remand prisoners was telling the magistrate in Court One that he does not want to be remanded in prison because there are a lot of homosexuals practices there. He doesn’t seem to realise that there are more gays here outside than in prison. So once he’s run away from jail how is going to survive out here?

FEMALE POLICE OFFICER: What are you trying to imply? You want the poor prisoner to spend his days and nights behind those big walls surrounded by gay men? I support the motion. He must be out of that place.

MALE POLICE OFFICER: And go where? I bet if I proposed sex to him he would accept. He’s done it in jail. (Starts laughing.)

FEMALE POLICE OFFICER: Please sir, do not laugh at the young man. Most of these guys are forced to be involved in same-sex relationships due to their circumstances in jail. It is not through their own will free will. Do not make a mockery out of others’ troubles.

MAN IN BLACK SUIT: Let me join the conversation and help my sister here (holding her shoulders). One thing that one should understand is that gays are also human beings and part of our society.

FEMALE POLICE OFFICER: (Shrugging off his hand.) So you are supporting my fellow police officer here? I think you must be ashamed of yourselves. Gays are an insult to what God created. A man was meant to have a relationship with a woman, not another man. What is wrong with our society? God help our sick nation.

She raised her hands in the air, said a short prayer and asked the Almighty God to release His mercies.

MAN IN BLACK SUIT: According to Charles Darwin, people did not always look and behave like the human beings you see today. Darwin’s theory of evolution clearly explains that we started life as baboons and developed to become the homo sapiens we are today. Darwin never said that our development had ended. I believe homosexuals are part of that human evolution chain.

FEMALE POLICE OFFICER: (Tears welling in her eyes.) Lord have mercy! Let me stop talking to you both before I lose my temper.

MAN IN BLACK SUIT: It is a sign of accepting defeat. Homosexuals are part of the human evolution and we cannot do anything about it. The only thing that we can do is to accept the gays and lesbians in our society.

MALE POLICE OFFICER: I told you my sister. Historians and educationists have come to help you with a free sex education lesson. So, stop frowning at gays and lesbians. We are all humans after all.

Quietly, she frowned at the male police officer and walked away leaving the two gentlemen behind.        

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