Princess grace and the lord of storms

First local animated film on the cards

Remember the fairytales the old folks used to share with kids around a fire?

You know those feel good stories about a serpent that turned into a rich, handsome young man who married a poor woman’s daughter.

Well, a similar script will soon hit the small screen as the first locally made animated film.

Princess Grace and the Lord of Storms is an original story by Francistown based writer, Mpho Keitumetse.

It is a tale about a clumsy, timid Princess who’s in-line to inherit a kingdom from her old and ailing grandmother, Queen Hope. However, to ascend to the throne, Princess Grace must first restore a cursed prince by defeating a ferocious, vengeful dragon.

In an exclusive interview with Voice Entertainment this week, Keitumetse said she hopes production on the film will start in October.

However, the writer ruefully revealed she sought help from outside the country as she was unable to find a suitable animation company locally to start with the film production.

“We’ve identified a company in Lesotho who have shown willingness to work with us.”Keitumetse said the project, which she’s financing from her pocket, has prompted her to come up with fundraising initiatives to be able to pay the production company. One of the initiatives is the Artist Day, slated for 30th and 31st in Selepa, which will include an exclusive viewing of the film’s trailer.

“We’ll have a series of events including an auction in September,” she added.

The storyline penned by Keitumetse makes for an intriguing read and captures one’s imagination on what the actual film will be like.

“It is quite a fascinating film. The Queen sends her reluctant granddaughter sailing across the ocean to look for a prince to marry before the crown can be passed down to her. “Before Grace sets out, her grandmother gives her a black pearl as a gift on her quest, and reminds her that it’s not always a bad thing to land on her knees,” narrated Keitumetse.

The plot continues aboard Captain Seawel’s merchant ship, where they encounter a violent storm and a huge black Dragon bursts out of the gloomy sky and threatens the crew.

“It turns out that the serpent was banished from the Kingdom by Queen Hope to rule over a lowly state in Island Kingdom,” explained Keitumetse.

Realising the fire-breathing beast is after her, Princes Grace offers her own life and begs the dragon to spare her fellow crew members.

“She went down on her knees and offered the dragon the black pearl. As soon as he touches it he is transformed into a young man, the Black Prince,” ends Keitumetse, smiling brightly as she envisions her words playing out on the small screen.

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