As Botswana government is considering lifting a ban on elephant trophy hunting, to allow for control of the alleged over population of the animals in the country, the neighbouring Zambia is said to be preparing to take advantage of the unwanted animals to boost its tourism sector.

According to Africanews, this week, Britain’s Prince Harry has offered to help Zambian government to move between 500 and 1000 of Botswana elephants to their country.

The Duke of Sussex, 34, who according to Zambian media was met at Lusaka airport by dignitaries and later held a closed door meeting with Zambian president, Edgar Lungu and ministers on Monday, offered to strike a deal with Botswana government on behalf of Zambia in that regard.

Lungu’s spokesperson, Amos Chanda, was quoted confirming that the elephants are to be taken to Zambia’s Kafue National Park.

“Prince Harry told the president during closed-door talks that African Parks will help move between 500 and 1,000 elephants from Botswana into Zambia’s Kafue National Park,” Lungu’s spokesman Amos Chanda said.

Africanews which stated that Botswana has the highest population of elephants in Africa, added that Zambia struggles to pull in the same crowds to its more” rundown safari parks.”

The actual population of elephants in Botswana has been a subject of debate of recent, especially after alleged massive killings of elephants in the delta around September this year by poachers.

The number is estimated to be around 131 626 and concentrated around Okavango delta, Chobe and Moremi game reserves and freely moves between national parks that share borders with Botswana, including Zimbabwe and Zambia included.

Just recently Parliament passed a motion in which it is considering lifting the hunting ban on elephants and the main contention was the increase in elephant population and a resultant animal-human conflict.

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Why should it take someone like Prince Harry to think about this what about those running the show???
Shows people somewhere in positions are not using their grey matter

WK Lindsay

REading this article, a few questions occur to me: 1. Zambia aleady has many elephants. If Kafue NP needs more elephants so urgently, why can they not be translocated from, say, the Luangwa Valley? 2. However, Kafue NP already has many elephants. The numbers will increase naturally, if the elephants are protected from poachers. 3. Kafue NP is not so far from the Botswana border. What is to prevent the elephants from trying to return to their place of origin? 4. The number of elephants in Kafue NP is not the issue that is affecting tourism. If visitor numbers are… Read more »