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During the past two weeks I have spoken to two different people who have mentioned that they have now been the victim of crime in Gaborone so many times (each individual has now suffered 4 house break-ins) that if it happens again they are considering leaving the country.
A post this morning on the Fight Crime in Gaborone Facebook Group echoes this sentiment. An armed housebreak in the early hours in Tlokweng – the fourth time, forcible entry (the door was physically kicked down), threats with a knife to the neck and the tenant now scared to death and needing to move houses urgently.
This is the hard cold reality of life in Gaborone today. It does not help to move to a different area – this type of crime has become endemic and is happening everywhere – even the fortified complex known as the Golf Estate has suffered from these crimes.

Crimes like these emphasize what Fight Crime in Gaborone is all about. Until we stand up and say that enough is enough, until we organize ourselves into a pressure group that cannot be ignored NOTHING will be done to improve our safety and security.
In a city in which there are many demands on government’s budget, many competing priorities we need to jostle for priority. Join our group if you want crime to be taken seriously in Gabz. We need YOUR support. It is up to us to create awareness of the extent of the problem.
It will be up to us to rally enough support so that our demands for priority can no longer be ignored. If you are not a member of the facebook group please JOIN today – we are almost 3 000 strong. The snowball has started to roll ….

Question for the week: Do you feel that the fight against crime should be prioritized by government?

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