I am getting reports that people are going around   and checking out all these places that make one wonder why they are spending our money. But as I said before, government departments are really trying. There are a few ministries such as Ministry of Health that need to really benchmark worth their counterparts.
The department of registration or whatever it’s called where we get our Omangs has shocked me this week and I only had to pay Bwp 5. This is value for money. The staff was friendly and very helpful except for the guy who kept asking me gore a mmaago wa tshela? A rrago watshela? (Is your mother alive? Is your father alive?) I just think there is a better way to ask this very sensitive question.
Overall out of a scale of ten, I give then 9/10. The One goes to the dull boring furniture, which they have. I bet it is really depressing for the employees. The other negative point if for the line of questioning.
The way we look and present ourselves in our small enterprises can really attract or repel customers. If you think about it, can you honesty trust a hairdresser with a terrible hairdo to make you look like a million dollars? I know sometimes we expect them to do miracles   that even the best plastic surgeon cannot do.
According to this SEO Company Gold Coast, the same concept applies to your small business. People normally buy from people they like. This analogy is the fundamental of industrial psychology. Human beings by nature form affiliations based on the need to feel a sense of belonging or to be associated with a particular product/ person or to fulfill a desire to better them. The way you look has a profound impact on your potential and existing customers.
Nowadays we are bombarded with tones and tones of products and adverts to a point that we are now able to ignore and sieve through the marketing clutter and noise from all these products. Actually, goods and services are almost similar when you take a closer look. There are so many types   of spades and frying pans in the market but they are all the same.
What will give your small business a competitive edge is how you present your   goods or how you look. Believe me that am how basic or vain we have all become. If you ‘like’ what you ‘see’ you automatically become attracted to it. This is the secret to winning customers.

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Wonderful article. Being able to clearly present and communicate with clients is essential in today’s competitive market. Thanks for the great read.

Chris M