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Preliminary diarrhea investigations to be released this week

Preliminary diarrhea investigations to be released this week

The Ministry of health and wellness is this week expected to release preliminary investigations on the cause of diarrhea which has claimed lives especially of children across the country since the beginning of the month.

The Public Relations Officer in the Ministry, Doreen Motshegwa, explained in an interview yesterday (Tuesday) that, although for now the ministry could not point out the exact cause of the outbreak, investigations have been done and preliminary results will be shared with members of the public, most likely this week.

“We have drafted the press statement and it should be ready anytime from tomorrow,” Motshegwa explained.

Since the beginning of September, 2018, the country experienced increasing diarrhea cases, especially among young children under the age of five (5), government has confirmed.

According to the Ministry of Health and Wellness, as of 19th September, the total number of reported diarrhoea cases were over 2000: Mahalapye area with 592, Bobirwa 511, Gaborone 485 cases, Boteti 435, Ngami 250, Kweneng East 232, Francistown 205, Selebi-Phikwe 221, Tonota 193 and Chobe 68 cases.

Dr Oduetse Ratshipa explained that symptoms of diarrhea can include vomiting among others.

Some of the symptoms include, fever, dry lips, sunken eyes, loose bowls which can happen more than three times a day, decreased tears and decreased urine.

Dr Ratshipa further assured that the outbreak in Botswana cannot be feared to be cholera as Botswana as a middle income country has proper sewage system and has no threat of the disease.

“Cholera is more extreme and is contagious,” he explained.

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