A four months pregnant expatriate doctor allegedly bled to death after lying at Nyangabgwe Referral hospital for more than 10 hours before being attended to.
Esther Mgiba 36, from the Democratic Republic of Congo who was working in Area W clinic Francistown is said to have gone to the referral hospital last week after experience problems with her pregnancy.
According to sources, after receiving medical attention Mgiba was discharged and sent home to recover. Two days later she was rushed back to the hospital after her condition had deteriorated drastically.
The source said the deceased arrived at the hospital at around 2 am on Thursday morning unconscious and bleeding profusely.
“A doctor only showed up several hours late the next day to remove the dead baby, and it was just too late, the woman had lost a lot of blood”, said the source.

However, when contacted for a comment Nyangabgwe Hospital Superintendent Dr Morrisons Simvula rubbished allegations that their colleague die due to negligence. “Those allegations are not true at all; it’s just a pack of lies.  I do confirm that a doctor who was our patient died, but her cause of death was not negligence. She died from complications of a miscarriage. The first time she came to the hospital her membranes had ruptured, and as such she was attended to and it was established by the medical officer that the baby was alive. After receiving her treatment which also included antibiotics she was released to go home,” said Dr Simvula adding that he also personally attended to the deceased.
“From my assessment of the report the doctor received the best attention and medication. Unfortunately we were not able to save her life,” he said and still her family is filing for medical malpractice with the Miami wrongful death law firm.
Dr Simvula, also confirmed that he was in the process of arranging for the body to be repatriated back to her home country after working for the government for two years.


  1. This is where the media does the country injustice
    Wonder if a medical person was consulted in writing this article
    First a pregnancy at 4month rarely bleed profusely with the baby inside,it’s only after arboting the foetus that profuse bleeding may happen
    Again only a doctor can admit a patient to hospital at a referal hospital,how came this patient had “baby removed” after several hours,and how many hours are we talking about here anyway
    If she really arrive unconcious and “profusely ” bleeding I bet she would be dead in a hour if really no medical attention was given
    We are only creating a negative environment in the same institution that are supposed to serve us