Pot-pinching granny caught in the act
GUILTY: Kwenaetsile

Despite pleading her innocence, Old Naledi Customary Court found a 59-year-old woman guilty of stealing her neighbour’s three-legged cooking pot.

Unemployed Kabanyane Kwenaetsile was convicted on the word of an eye-witness, even though police admitted they failed to find the missing pot when they searched her house.

Protesting her innocence before Old Naledi Chief, Kenneth Thari during Monday’s trial, the old lady looked confidently into the Kgosi’s eye and boldly declared, “I did not steal the pot.

“I saw people gathered by the railway line looking for the pot and I promised them that I will help in the search for the pot.”

The granny had been dragged to the Kgotla by her 39-year-old neighbour, Neo Mooketsi, accused of stealing a size eight pot worth P375 from Plot 8983 in the early hours of September the 1st.

Kwenaetsile would have got away with her pot-pinching, night-time antics if it wasn’t for an Old Naledi resident returning home from night shift.

Giving evidence before court, the eye-witness claimed he was knocking off from duty, when, at around four o’clock in the morning, he spotted Kwenaetsile sneaking to her yard with a pot and lid.

Despite her repeated denials, Chief Thari asked Kwenaetsile why she would be accused of stealing the pot, amongst the multitudes that reside in the area.

Passing judgement, the Kgosi told Kwenaetsile the only reason he was not sending her to jail was because of her advanced age.

He admonished her for stealing at a time in her life when she should be a role model to youngsters.

He ordered the granny to serve one month extra-mural labour in the customary court and to pay for the stolen pot in a period of one month.

The old woman was warned that failure to pay would result in a five-month prison term.

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