NOT TRUE: Supt Maniki

Police in Francistown have dismissed kidnapping allegations swirling on social media after a middle aged man was dramatically shoved into a car boot at Nswazwi mall last Friday.

Shocked members of the public who saw a woman and three men bundling up the man and forcing him into the car reacted angrily as they gathered at the scene and barricaded the vehicle before the three men fled leaving the woman behind.

The enraged members of the public who suspected that the man was being kidnapped tried to set him free but the police arrived in time and arrested the supposed victim for allegedly swindling the woman of her property.

The kidnap allegations have since triggered massive internet reaction, but Superintendent Lebalang Maniki of Central Police Station has dismissed the claims. “The man was suspected to have obtained the woman’s belongings by false pretence on Thursday by sending her somewhere and promising to look after her belongings. When the woman returned he found the man gone with her stuff,” Maniki revealed.

The following day (Friday) the woman is said to have asked the three men to help her look for her alleged swindler and they found him at Nswazwi mall.

“The man who was thought to have been kidnapped is in police custody and he is going to be charged accordingly. His four captors are going to be charged with ill treating a human being. A suspect has to be reported to the police not to be tucked in a car boot,” he said.

Maniki further urged the public to be wary of the alleged con-man as he has a reputation of obtaining people’s belongings by false pretences.

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