POLICE PRO: Near Bagali

Police have arrested three transport inspectors at Department of Road and Transport Safety (DRTS) who are alleged to have accepted bribery from a certain company in Broadhurst Industrial Gaborone and issued unauthorized road-worthiness certificates for their fleet.

It is alleged they accepted bribery of P600 each to issue certificates for a transport inspection that was never conducted.

The cars were supposed to have been taken to the transport office for testing before the license could be issued.

Police spokesperson, Senior Superintendent Near Bagali, confirmed that they arrested the three men who were questioned and released.

He said the investigations are ongoing and that there is a lot that needs to be done to gather the necessary evidence.

“This is a fresh matter and I cannot reveal much. Investigating is a process which involves a lot of stages so whenever we are done the case will be registered before court,’ he added.

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