When Antony Tefo Jonas (24) allegedly sneaked into a woman’s house on Valentine’s Day and repeatedly raped her throughout the night, armed with a knife and wearing a mask, he subsequently became too greedy for his own good.

Oblivious of latest technological developments, Jonas did not only leave his victim’s house with sexual satisfaction, he also took with him the victim’s smartphone, the gadget that would land him in prison seven months later. 

The rape incident occurred on February 14, 2019 in Takatokwane village but Jonas was nabbed in Tlokweng on October 1, seven months later.

According to some excerpts from a police affidavit handed to the court, the victim’s phone was off air for a number of months, but the police were able to track it down as soon as it was switched on.

Luckily enough, they found the new user to be a girlfriend of the accused person, and they subsequently arrested him.

Jonas was dragged before the Molepolole Magistrates’ court on Thursday facing a charge of rape, but his plea was reserved since the police are likely to amend the charge sheet to add more charges.

The prosecution applied for admission of the affidavit that they say implicates the accused person, and requested to bring more statements during the next court session in two weeks’ time.  

The prosecution said they needed three weeks to conclude their investigations, the endeavor that will include getting a statement from the person who was found in possession of the victim’s cellphone.

Jonas did not oppose his remand telling the court he had nothing to say.

Principal Magistrate, Kefilwe Resheng, extended the accused person’s remand with an additional 14 days.