FILE PIC: Gun suicide

Police in Francistown are investigating a case in which a 32-year-old Borolong man’s dead body was found inside a house in the city’s Minestone location.

Confirming the death, Central Police Station commander, Lebalang Maniki revealed that, at around 11 o’clock on Tuesday night, his officers received a report about a suspected suicide.

“We suspect a gun was used because of the evidence we have and the victim was lying in a pool of blood. We do not know the cause for now because the matter is still fresh,” the station commander told The Voice, adding that although investigations are still on-going, all the evidence suggests the man killed himself.

The police boss noted that this was the first suicide case to be recorded by his station this year, compared to 16 cases last year.

Maniki urged anyone suffering from stress and depression and contemplating suicide to seek help and advice from church leaders, parents, police officers and social workers.

He stressed that people who seek help are much less likely to end up taking their own lives.

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