CONCERNED: Supt. Molapisi

Shakawe Police Station Commander, Gotsemodimo Molapisi, has expressed concern at the rising suicide incidents following numerous cases that have of late been reported in his policing area.

Last week a 28-year-old woman allegedly committed suicide after she was reprimanded by her parents.

Molapisi, says the woman was found hanging from the rafters of her house by her boyfriend on December 29th.

“According to our investigations the woman had had a misunderstanding with her parents after they reprimanded her for excessive alcohol abuse, and she decided to commit suicide,” he said and added that the woman’s motionless body was taken to the hospital where it was confirmed dead.

In another suicide incident, Molapisi said a 53-year-old woman was found hanging from a tree in front of her younger sister’s yard .

“We do not know what really transpired as her lover said he left at night going to church. It was stated that she had said she was too scared to sleep alone and went to sleep at her sister’s place,” Molapisi said.

Still at Shakawe, a young man who survived a suicide attempt after his uncles reprimanded him for harassing his mother is recuperating at Gumare Hospital.

Molapisi said the troublesome young man had always been harassing his mother looking for food and did not help with anything at home.

“When his mother asked for the uncles intervention, the young man ran into the bush where he attempted to commit suicide. His uncles who came running after him heard her girlfriend screaming and when they got to the scene they found him hanging and they cut the rope before it was late,” said Molapisi.

The station commander said he is worried of the rising suicide trend in his policing area and urged the public to seek professional help when they are disgruntled. “People should not take matters personally. Instead they should seek help from the chiefs, councilors, police officers, social workers and friends,” closed Molapisi.

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