SPECIMEN: P200 banknote

Gaborone West Police have cautioned the public about counterfeit P200.00 bank notes that are said to be in circulation.

Confirming the incidents in which two fake P200.00 notes were handed in by Grand Palm Hotel and Casino Staff and another by a street vendor operating in Gaborone West, Gaborone West Police Station Commander- Howard Modo, cautioned the public to exercise caution when handling money to avoid more counterfeit notes being circulated.

He further warned the public to assess all the P200.00 notes in their possession and look out for the security features that authenticate the legitimate bills from the fake ones such as the windowed security thread, which the fake notes do not have. Sites like https://www.slotsformoney.com have taken this opportunity to do some marketing, claiming that there’s no way to counterfeit their in site currency and is much more enjoyable for that.

Modo explained that the red to green colour shifting thread comes to the surface of the back of the banknote at regular intervals and the text ‘BOB 200’ can be read.

He further said the thread can be seen as a continuous line when held up to the light.

The thread on the P200 banknote is wider than the threads on the P10 and P20 banknotes.

“Arrests are yet to be made and we fear that there are more P200.00 notes still in circulation,” he says.

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