Tonota police have revealed that two men and a filling station employee, who stole a bank card and fleeced away about P18, 000.00, will soon be charged for theft.

The Station Commander Superintendent Kenanao Badumetse told The Voice this week that they have arrested a man in connection with the theft, while another suspect is still at large.

The bank card, according to the police belongs to Elizabeth Laverick.

Superintendent Badumetse said, “The incident was reported in December 2014. We have arrested one man whose car was used. We are looking for the other man who allegedly stole the bank card from Elizabeth. We have all the evidence and will soon charge the two with theft. A former Engen Shashe Filling Station employee will also be charged for conspiring with them, by facilitating the transactions.”

Speaking to The Voice this week, 41-year-old Laverick said the theft left her broke and unable to buy her child school uniform.

She said the thieves withdrew about P18, 000 from her Barclays Bank account.

Fighting back her tears, Laverick said her card was stolen last November and that she did not notice until December, when she went to the bank.

“I didn’t go to the bank in a long time. I didn’t even see that any money was being withdrawn, because I didn’t have a phone. If I had a phone, I would have received notifications. This cost me a lot of money and caused me distress as well. I cannot even afford to buy my child a school uniform,” a sad Elizabeth told The Voice.

She said her money was withdrawn at Engen Shashe Petrol Filling station from the 20th of November until the 12th of December 2014, after she reported the matter to the police.

The culprits withdrew money almost every day and at times made more than three withdrawals a day.

According to Elizabeth, attempts to get a refund from the filling station failed.

“The manager told me on numerous occasions that there was no way they could refund me because they are not the ones who stole my money,” she said.

Engen Shashe Filling Station Site Manager Merapelo Kemoitsaletse refused to comment.

All he would say was, “The matter is still with the police and when they are done with it, I will comment.”

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Petrol station wont pay, but she will get her money back from the bank, this is why you pay that mandatory 70 pula insurance on your bank card every year.


black star i agree with u on dat 1.even da pin numbrs tota.

this is sad bt the victim had no phone for almost 1 month, why didnt she buy a phone from the money she had at the bank? in this era phone is needed every second coz life is communication. The other thing when u swipe with a card, ur id is needed whoever helped the thieves at the petrol station are at fault i belived thts wht they were taught to always ask for id on any swipping transaction