Pilane to step down
BMD PRESIDENT: Sydney Pilane

It’s chaotic at BMD – Nakedi

Running out of allies and with nowhere left to turn, it appears the President of the embattled Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) Sidney Pilane has given up the fight with his Youth League (YL).

The party’s YL Deputy Secretary General, Sesame Nakedi told The Voice in an exclusive interview on Wednesday that Pilane has agreed to step down.

“His family and those close to him have advised him to step down for the sake of his image and the party,” she said, claiming the only reason he has not officially stepped down already is because a National Executive Committee member persuaded him to wait.

In the event that Pilane does not resign as expected, Nakedi revealed they intend to lobby their fellow youth leagues from the opposition parties to help heap the pressure on him.

“There is no need for him to remain as President since the party is in chaos because of him. BMD ‘ke kwa ga mmapereko’ (everyone does as they please).

“Of course we will suffer financially but the party will resurrect,” she predicted boldly.

According to Nakedi, Pilane had been running the BMD as a dictatorship.

Pilane to step down


“There is no governance, it’s Pilane’s word or nothing!

“I am the one who convinced him to give Botswana Congress Party (BCP) the Maun West constituency, he didn’t want to do that. After my meeting with him, he announced the decision the following day without consulting other NEC members,” she continued, adding this perfectly illustrates Pilane’s disregard for his committee.

She further noted they expect the party to give back Gabane/Mmankgodi constituency to Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) because they have failed to find a suitable candidate.

“We don’t have members; we only see names of people being brought to the party office without any database,” stated Nakedi, who hit the headlines recently after accusing the Gaborone Mayor, Kagiso Thutlwe of raping her – an allegation she did not want to discuss.

The Deputy Secretary General added that because of the current cloud of uncertainty hanging over the BMD no one was sure of their future – a predicament she insisted applies to the party itself.

“UDC’s future depends on Pilane stepping down; if not then people should forget about the coalition,” Nakedi warned bitterly.

Efforts to get hold of Pilane hit a snag as his phone did not go through.

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