Pilane was roped in to destabilise BMD
ON NDABA GAOLATLHE'S SIDE: Sedirwa Chillyboy Kgoroba

Since the Botswana Movement for Democracy feuds intensified until they culminated into a bloody congress in Bobonong, the once vocal Member of Parliament for Mogoditshane, Sedirwa Chillyboy Kgoroba has been quiet.

Although the Mogoditshane Legislator is in the Ndaba/ Mmolotsi faction, the man who lost the party Secretary General position at the Gantsi Congree to Gilbert Mangole of the Sidney Pilane faction has so far kept mum about issues bedeviling the party.

In this issue, Kgoroba opens up to Voice staffer Daniel Chida on the state of the BMD.

Q. It is now common knowledge that your Party is divided between Ndaba Golathe and Sidney Pilane factions and you are with the Ndaba faction, why?

I believe in Ndaba’s Presidency not only for BMD or UDC but also for the betterment of the country.

I believe he can bring economic transformation to our country.

I’m not saying he is the only one who can do that but because he came to the fore for us.

By virtue of his political activity and sober mindedness we have come to appreciate his capability as a good leader. He has the interest of the people at heart.

Q. What about Sidney Pilane?

Pilane was roped in by the BDP to destabilise the BMD- cum –UDC. At this point we however still have hope of salvaging the BMD and reinstating stability within the UDC.

Pilane has caused so much havoc and damage to the image of the party. Some of us believed in the project despite resistance from some of our members.

Some feel we should abandon the project that we worked so hard for but we cannot just do that having proved beyond reasonable doubt that it is a viable project that can work.

Q. In case you decide to form a new party, would you join the UDC that has Pilane in its structures?

If that were to happen, I would never! We cannot join a UDC with Pilane in its structures. How can we go under an umbrella with someone who brought such a mess to the movement?

Q. Why didn’t you talk with the two Members of Parliament and the NEC, from his faction before matters could come to a head?

Some of our MPs tried in vain to talk to those two men but they failed because those two men were clearly on a mission to destroy the BMD.

Q. Why are you holding two separate memorial services for the late BMD president, Gomolemo Motswaledi?

We are the only ones holding a memorial for Sir G at Big Five Lodge with Motswaledi’s family blessings.

I don’t think the Pilane group would go ahead without the family’s blessing. The family will be with us.

Q. Why did you leave Boko out?

Boko has been entangled in the BMD affairs and because the Ndaba group is the one organising the memorial service we left Boko out simply to spare him possible speculations and accusations that he would have taken sides with us by coming to the event or appearing on our posters.

Q. Do you still have trust in Boko as someone who can lead you to 2019 and beyond?

There have been recent articles in newspapers implicating him negatively but I don’t have proof that what has been alleged about him is the truth.

I have adopted the wait and see stance but in the meanwhile my confidence in him has not been dented.

Q. Let’s talk about your constituency.

I haven’t started campaigning yet but I’m busy executing my duties and mandate as an MP.

In 2019 I will be seeking re-elections. People will judge if there is need to take me back to parliament.

I have a number of initiatives in the pipeline such as private members bill; which will seek to compel government to take care of the severely disabled people.

This will also be extended to their caretakers since they are unable to look for jobs because of caretaking.

There is also Mogoditshane Development Trust; it needs people’s commitment for it to survive.

It will also oversee VDC Committees. We have some land under VDC, which we can use to build massive flats and rent them out, we cannot be building LA2 type of houses.

There are old buildings that we can bring down and construct new structures.

Anything else?

There is also the Brand Mogoditshane project, which is going to work parallel with Mogoditshane Development Trust.

Its mandate is to unify people and give our people an identity.

We will sell merchandise to raise funds and the proceeds will be channeled to further village developments.

All these will help to reduce crime, which is caused by unemployment.

Sports Development project is another project that I am working on and it will include villages such as, Mochudi, Tlokweng Ramotswa, Moshupa, Gabane, Kanye and Molepolole

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