Selibe Phikwe residents who have been struggling to deal with the sulphur smoke from the mine now have to live with another stench from the overflowing bins.

PILLING UP: Heap of garbage

Residents who spoke to the Voice expressed disappointment and anger over poor service delivery by the Selibe Phikwe Town Council (SPTC).“They are busy fighting for office positions while the town is getting full of rubbish which has not been collected for months” said Thabo Gadifele of New Stance.

Another resident Lebogang Mosweu, said she is anxiously waiting for the general elections to give the current councilors the boot for non performance.“The smell from the skip bins is very

WORRIED: Oganeditswe Gaongalelwe

terrible and when you combine it with the sulphur from the mine it’s literally hell”

SPTC spokesperson, Oganeditswe Gaongalelwe said that they have been operating with one skip truck after the other two were grounded due to lack of tyres,“The tyres for the trucks are worn out and we were unable to buy new ones due to financial constraints”, she said.

Gaokgethelwe said at the moment they are trying to come up with contingency plans to curb the problem.

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Imagine the rubbish- with the heat come flies how awful- THAT IS NOT HEALTHY AT ALL

If they do not deliver – they should be shown the door

“The tyres for the trucks are worn out and we were unable to buy new ones due to financial constraints”, she said. ”

perhaps the money is going to the people who are NOT DELIVERING????


Just looking at the picture the rubbish is everywhere i.e. on the floor – it be a breeding place for rats

It would be interesting to know the exact number of months the rubbish was not collected
If the same people who are not delivering good service not listening find someonelse to complain


Should have put the picture of the skip containing the uncollected garbage as the main picture instead of the lady covering her mouth to

Carry out an audit of this organisation would not be surprised if you will find some interesting things!!


1. Not a good image for the town

2. the residents of the town are suffering from this garbage not collected and the sulphur from the mine
(enviornmental issue) while people in authority fight for positions instead of doing A GOOD DAYS WORK


If a company or organisation is able to assist the residents to clear up this GARBAGE- please contact the reporter who wrote this article

Remember you are doing it for the residents and NOT FOR THE the people in authority WHO ARE fighting for positions and neglecting the residents


This is a good example where people in positions should be delivering to ensure that they have the people at heart but no they are fighting for positions instead because they have their own personal ambitions at heart – GET RID OF THEM