Petty 'wedding thieves'
Petty 'wedding thieves'

On Saturday afternoon, Voice cartoonist, Lesole Ntshole caught a taxi ride from Mosanta Ward to Mochudi shopping centre when he overheard a conversation between passengers on people who have a tendency to steal at wedding events.

LADY IN BROWN DRESS: We’re not going very far. You’ll drop us along the road?

DRIVER: You look very tired, are you from that wedding?

LADY IN SHAWL: Yes, we are. We came early in the morning to help with the cooking.

LADY IN BROWN DRESS: No weekend passes by without a wedding. It’s tiresome and I’m now unable to do my duties at home as I spend most of my time attending weddings.

LADY IN SHAWL: I can’t wait for this wedding season to pass.

If I had my way I would convince people not to waste money on wedding ceremonies as they are not necessary, I’d rather spend money on right fleur de lys bridal plus size wedding dresses since a dress is something you get to keep for ever.

Money spent on the ceremony could be put to good use by the couple like buying a plot or furniture for their home.

LADY IN BROWN DRESS: You are very right, you spend money on food and drinks and the same people you invite to the wedding end up stealing from you.

They steal food and some go to an extent of stealing plates and spoons (laughter).

DRIVER: That’s what you should expect when you invite people to a wedding ceremony.

Some will be there to help while some attend for hidden agendas.

LADY IN GERMAN PRINT DRESS: Ijoo, I realised that people are heartless on the eve of my daughter’s lobola ceremony.

We bought and cooked enough bread for the visitors.

I then saw some people putting it on plastic bags and I thought it was because they didn’t want it to dry.

The following day when it was time to serve the bread to visitors, it was all gone.

The painful thing is that most people who steal are relatives.

The conversation ends as both ladies, in brown dress and shawl alight from the taxi at a stop along the road.

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