Perion drops tlhogo mo imele

Afro beat and R&B singer Onkemetse Goretetse’s 2017 smash – hit‘Lejebejebe’ set a standard that the Selibe Phikwe born artist has failed to live up to.

Perion, as the artist is commonly known, followed up his all-fire single with ‘Saulo’ in 2018 and then ‘Mabitso’earlier this year.

Unfortunately both tracks fizzled out, failing to make an impact in the cut-throat local scene.

Sadly, the 28-year-old’s latest effort, ‘Thogo Mo Emele’, looks set to go the same way.

Recorded at Off Campus Studios in Gaborone and released last week, although the single has traces of Perion’s signature it is ultimately unconvincing.

The charismatic star must up his game or he’s in danger of going down in the history books as a one-hit wonder.

However, his talent remains obvious and he has the voice to bounce back to the top.

Track rating: 5/10