Peba ga e ke e bata le dithotse
ACCUSED: Labone Mokaro

Young rape suspect claims victim was his “wife”

“I knew she was my girlfriend, ‘peba ga eke e bapa le dithotse’ said a 21-year-old Labone Mokaro evoking a Setswana proverb meaning its difficult to sit next to temptation) in his defence against a rape charge.

Arguing that the victim was only influenced by her parents to lodge a complaint, Mokaro said,

“We have been together since primary school, and secondary school knowing very well that we shall be a husband and wife eventually. But suddenly her parents chased me away from her but she kept on calling me as her boyfriend, rape is totally out of question. We only had sex because she is technically my wife,” Makoro told the court.

He is accused of raping a 17-year-old young woman back in September 29th, 2016 after she allegedly refused to pay him with sex for helping her carry her sister on the back.

According to court documents, Mokaro was with the victim and her five-year-old sister, walking from Metsidipuo lands to Maboane in Kweneng District when the child became tired and her sister (the victim) carried her on the back.

When the victim felt tired she asked Mokaro to help carry the baby, which he did and later demanded payment.

When the victim did not have money to pay, he allegedly pointed at a tree ahead and told the victim that when they reached the tree, she must pay him with sex.

Court documents further state that at the designated tree, Mokaro put down the baby and ordered the victim to undress, threatening to assault her with a stick and Okapi knife if she did not comply with the orders.

Mokaro is remanded in custody awaiting judgment set for July 9th, before Senior Magistrate Lindiwe Makgoro.

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