Pastors on the prowl
Pastors on the prowl

On a Friday morning, Voice cartoonist, Lesole Ntshole riding in a combi from the bus rank in Rasesa to the Main Mall in Gaborone overheard a conversation about a South African pastor that seduced and raped female members of his church recently.

SHORT-HAIRED LADY: This year had been a tough one for the so-called men of God.

Just recently, another pastor was under investigations in South Africa, accused of raping some members of his congregation at his house where he used to invite them for “prayers.”

LADY IN MAROON JERSEY: I heard the story. It shocked me. The man is sick.

If people considered to be holy continue to commit such horrendous crie like rape and murder, where does that leave ordinary people like us who need deliverance then?

DRIVER: The Bible states that in the last days there’ll be a lot of wolves behind sheep skins in church. I guess we are living in the last days.

SHORT-HAIRED LADY: I was particularly touched by a young woman who confessed that an elderly woman called her into the pastor’s bedroom.

She said the seduction started when the so called man of God asked her to massage his feet and then asked her to join him in bed.

As they were about to have sex, she asked him to use a condom and apparently his reply was, “God would not allow her to get pregnant even without a condom.”

You wonder if he was so deluded that he actually believed in his own lies?


DRIVER: It’s obvious that when pastors commit these atrocities, there’ll always be someone to support and aid them.

LADY IN BLACK JACKET: The Devil usually targets those who have faith in God. Only God knows the truth. Who are we to judge?

MAN IN BLUE CAP: My sister, there’s no smoke without fire.

The police won’t wake up and arrest someone without any proof, or reason.

Why would 30 women lie that this particular pastor raped them?

DRIVER: The sad reality is that people would rather choose to fear pastors than God.

Had such crimes been committed by a non-Christian, many Christians would be busy advocating for the perpetrator to rot in jail.

Now that it’s a pastor, people in denial.

The conversation ends as some passengers disembark at a stop near Government Enclave.

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