God allegedly warns Masisi of imminent danger

When president, Mokgweetsi Eric Masisi implored the nation to seek guidance from the Lord in his inaugural state of the nation address last month, one particular citizen heeded the president’s call.

Tauna Phiri, 33, from Shashe village claims, “the Lord” has been talking to him through dreams and wants him to deliver a special message to the president regarding the safety of his nation, Botswana.

Phiri who has already approached the office of the president several times in an effort to convey the “message from God,” says he has been sent to warn the president about lurking danger.

“When I sleep a voice tells me to go to the president and tell him that the safety of the nation has been compromised and we are on the brink of great danger. I have heard this voice many times before but the problem is that the office of the president seems not to take the advice serious,” Phiri explained in a walk- in interview this week after he failed to deliver the message directly to the president.

“The president’s secretaries told me they will pass on the message to him, but I doubt they did because the voice has been persistent telling me I have to go to the president and tell him that a calamity will befall the nation unless he acts,” Phiri stated further.

Nonetheless, he would not divulge the whole message, which he said, is meant exclusively for the president’s ears.

“Maybe they do not want to listen to me because I don’t smell of perfume and I am not putting on a suit, but God uses me and he speaks to me,” Phiri further claimed.

Senior private secretary to the president, G. Mompati-Ntapu has confirmed having met Phiri and that he wrote a letter to him to explain reasons Phiri could not be allowed to meet the president at the moment.

“It is true, he has visited OP, but we did explain to him the reason he cannot meet the president and indeed we have written him a letter in that regard,” Ntapu explained.

Indeed the letter Ntapu wrote to Phiri on November, 18th, 2018, reads, “You are kindly informed that as much as His Excellency would have liked to meet with you and receive the message, he is unable to do so, owing to prior scheduled commitments.”

During the November 5th, 2018 state of the state of nation address, Masisi revealed that the transition from the previous administration has not been as smooth as expected and that attempts to smoothen the process by engaging senior citizens had not been successful.

Masisi then promised to apply the law to the letter and to search for a lasting settlement.

In the same breath Masisi did call for the nation to “seek guidance from the Lord in our effort and commitments to contribute to the development of the great country.”

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