Panic mode activated
STOCKING UP: People buying foodstuffs in bulk (file pic by DW)

Zimbos seem to be quick to press the panic button but who can blame them.

Having experienced acute shortages of basic commodities, hyperinflation and skyrocketing food prices, we can be forgiven for always been on high alert when things start disappearing from the shelves.

Since the Constitutional Court ruling last week endorsing President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s victory, prices of commodities have been going up while some items have been in short supply.

During campaigning in the build up to July 30 elections we were told that cash shortages would be a thing of the past.

However, the situation has actually gotten worse as people are being given more coins than notes.

I for one have on several occasions had to carry a heavy of load of 200 – 50 cent bond coins after withdrawing $100. from the bank.

And it looks like this trend is set to continue as the government seem clueless about how to fix the economy.

This reminds me of how opposition leaders and supporters always throw jabs at Zanu PF by saying, “You can rig the election but you can’t rig the economy!” because clearly they are ‘seeing dust’ in trying to make things right.

Fuel queues are also resurfacing, bringing back memories of the dark days of yesteryear when motorists had to spend days, if not weeks, stuck in queues.

Over the last couple of days, cement has been in short supply while shops that had it in stock were selling it at a much higher price.

Before the shortages, a 50kg bag of cement was going for between $10 and $11 (P100 – P110) but now it is being sold for no less than $14 (P140).

While the manufactures issued a statement this week saying there was no need to panic as the shortages will soon be a thing of the past, we know pretty well that this is just a statement on paper with no meaning – after all we have been there before!

Of course cement is not a basic commodity and shouldn’t be a major concern but the problem in our country is that when one commodity gets scarce, it signals the beginning of shortages of many things as well as price increases.

Manufactures and retailers will of course blame it on forex shortages and justifiable so because this has been the case for some time now.

The unfortunate thing is that the government as always will blame it on sanctions and sabotage by the opposition who are supposedly working with the West.

On issues that matter and are of concern to the public, the government will always find an excuse and a scapegoat yet they will always find the forex to fulfil their selfish needs.

Recently the government bought the latest Isuzu double cabs for chiefs so they remain partisan – as they have always been – yet there has been an outcry for ambulances and police trucks so that the police can attend timely to crime scenes.

The powers that be, as always, have ignored these cries because it appears to them these issues do not seem worth their attention.

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Those sitting on the sidelines are also to blame like SADC and othe organisations they cannot event assist Refugees and Migrants . Is SADC assisting with the cholera epidemic that is threatening many lives or just waiting for international organisations to do the job?


The Minister of Finance in Zimbabwe is reportedly crowdfunding for this cholera crisis ??????? when they had money to splash to charter a plane for this former First Lady Grace Mugabe amongst other things.
Probably if it was these people at the top suffering from cholera Organisations like SADC would rush to their aid ???


“Meanwhile, Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube has sent out a begging bowl to citizens asking for donations to help fight the epidemic. ” at the same in South Africa there has been a xenophobic attack on a zimbabwean trader?????


This is the description of the Private Jet that was chartered for this Mugabe Woman who together with her husband and many have caused untold miserty and was being pampered while the ordinary people are suffering from a cholera epidemic scurge and the minister of finance is crowdfunding after splashing on this jet “a new Gulfstream650 from Qatar that boasts an inflight entertainment centre where one can catch up on oness telemundo drama without noise engines and has massage seats”


” World Health Organisation Scales Up Response On Zim Cholera – International Media Reports September 14, 2018 Share The World Health Organization (WHO) is scaling up its response to an outbreak of cholera in Zimbabwe, which is expanding quickly in Harare, the country’s capital with a population of more than two million people. Cholera is an acute waterborne diarrhoeal disease that is preventable if people have access to safe water and sanitation and practice good hygiene, but can kill within hours if left untreated. Authorities report that the outbreak began on 1 September in Harare and as of that date… Read more »


this is another article that relates to SADC how members of civil society are left out and leaders to make decisions to cover their tracks ” Why there is no functioning southern African regional court and how former president Jacob Zuma’s actions contributed to the termination of the SADC Tribunal Former president Nelson Mandela once stated that “South Africa’s future foreign relations will be based on our belief that human rights should be the core concern of international relations.” This oration has been tested several times by successive governments of South Africa, including in the area of access to justice… Read more »


” Zimbabwe, which was ruled by Robert Mugabe from independence in 1980 until his ousting last year, suffered its worst cholera outbreak in 2008.

A total of 4,000 people died and at least 100,000 people fell ill.” this world is selfish to the ordinary people and yet the people be it leadership, Organisations who represent their interests turn a blind eye to their needs
This selfish greedy woman gets a plane chartered for her they should be an outrage throughtout the continent


“Thandeka Moyo, Health Reporter

THREE people suspected to have Cholera have been quarantined in Bulawayo with the Ministry of Health and Child Care saying 28 people have since died from the water borne disease countrywide.

More to follow…”


Mind boggling the latest is the government is splashing out £20m on new vehicles for the new members of parliament following a shambolic election , there is a cholera epidemic, there is money to splash for a Chartered plane for a former first woman who is dubbed around the world as the FIRST SHOPPER, now this and the cholera scurge is going on. bet you some of it is aid money and the useless Minister of Finance is CROWDFUNDING for the epidemic. This SADC organisation needs to take a leaf from ECOWAS and not pretend at the end of the… Read more »


This is the latest after wasting money on unneccessary items afte crowdfunding somewhere people must be cashing in on the cholera epidemic “Paidamoyo Chipunza, Innocent Ruwende, Harare Bureau Government has launched an appeal for $57 million to effectively contain the cholera outbreak that has so far killed 33 people and seen over 5 000 others seeking treatment for the same disease. Officially launching the appeal in Harare yesterday, chairperson of the inter-ministerial committee on cholera Cde July Moyo said the health sector requires at least $51 million to assist patients while local authorities require at least $6 million to be… Read more »


” South Africa issues cholera alert following outbreak in neighboring Zimbabwe 17th September 2018 News Headlines By Xinhua CAPE TOWN: South Africa on Monday issued a cholera alert following an outbreak in neighbouring Zimbabwe. “There is a significant risk that travellers from the outbreak-affected area may present with cholera in South Africa,” the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) said. Healthcare workers countrywide, especially those in Limpopo Province which borders Zimbabwe, should be on high alert for suspected cholera cases, the NICD said. It urged the public, especially those living in close proximity to the border with Zimbabwe, to use… Read more »


This is the other article on the chair person of the so called Inter-Ministral Committee with reference to th cholera epidemic “Barely a few weeks of Emmerson Mnangagwa’a office ordering ZESA to dish out $52 million to convicted fraudster Wicknel Chivayo (an addition to an earlier $7 million), government has launched an appeal for $57 million to fight cholera. Government has launched an appeal of at least $57 million to effectively contain the current cholera outbreak that has so far claimed 30 lives and left over 5 000 others under treatment. Officially launching the appeal in Harare yesterday, chairperson of… Read more »


“Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube Wednesday announced government still had a funding shortfall of $35.1 million from a budgeted total $64.1 million required to fight the current cholera outbreak that has claimed over 30 lives mostly from Harare. He was briefing the media while receiving private sector donations towards the controversial initiative. The Treasury boss said over half of the required budget was still to be mobilised. “In the short term, we need $25.4 million and in the medium term, a total of $ 34.9 million is needed while $3.7 million is needed in the long term,” he said. “To date,… Read more »


This is just an example and it could be happening in many african countries “While investigation into the reported disappearance of US$16 billion as confirmed by Information Minister, Lenn Eugene Nagbe, is yet underway, the government has restricted the movement of individuals who it believes can help solve the mystery of the lost containers. The Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism (MICAT) by an executive mandate, in a press release yesterday, ordered all security apparatus, particularly the Liberia Immigration Service (LIS), and the Liberia National Police (LNP) to ensure that former Central Bank Executive Governor, Milton Weeks and his deputy,… Read more »


In the mean time ordinary people are being manhandled at the Zambian border because of the Cholera Epidemic which is curable and can be contained if resources are being put inthe right places “By Talent Gondo| Zimbabweans travelling into neighbouring Zambia have complained about the cholera screening process taking place at the Chirundu Border Post describing it as inhumane and undignified. The Zambian authorities are reportedly testing the stool of passengers travelling by bus for cholera giving them laxatives. This follows a cholera outbreak in Harare which has so far claimed 32 lives and affected over 7 000 people. Passengers… Read more »


This is another case in Zambia
“The UK has frozen aid funding to Zambia, after its government admitted that $4.3m (£3.3m) meant for poor families had gone missing.

The move follows allegations of corruption within President Edgar Lungu’s administration.

The UK takes a “zero-tolerance approach to fraud and corruption”, the UK’s Department for International Development (DfID) said in a statement.

Ireland, Finland and Sweden have also suspended aid.”


In the mean time in Zimbabwe there is a fuel shortage, the price of bread is about to rise again and in South Africa “SA: Asylum seekers say officials keep their passports until they buy tickets to Zimbabwe 21st September 2018 News Headlines *This article is taken from GroundUp SOUTH Africa: Rejected asylum seekers have accused Home Affairs officials at the Desmond Tutu Refugee Centre at Marabastad, Pretoria, of refusing to return their passports unless they show a Zimbabwe-bound bus ticket first. According to Spiwe (name changed), who applied for asylum in 2016, hundreds of rejected refugee claimants have been… Read more »


“Bread Price Hike Sparks Concern in Zimbabwe

Zimbabweans will pay 10% extra for a loaf of bread according to top food processor Innscor Africa Limited. This comes after the Grain Millers Association of Zimbabwe warned that the country will face shortages of bread due to low levels of wheat production.”
So this Panic mode is the norm everyday for the ordinary person