Overthrust Winter Mania returns
Overthrust Band

All rock music lovers will be heading to Gantsi this weekend for the 9th edition of the annual Overthrust Winter Metal Mania Charity Festival.

The show kicks off today at Gantsi Community Hall and continues on Saturday with groups such as: Synader, Humanitarian, Vehement, Samehunduans, Rokara, Barren Barrel, Alive N Border, PMMA, Dust N Fire, Remuda, Evagreen, Skinflint and Overthrust representing Botswana.

The exciting line-up includes foreign acts like Dor Fantasma (Angola), Norbormide (Mozambique), Posthumous and Woltemade (both from South Africa).

There will also be fun activities such as arm-wrestling, bike rides and a march against poverty.

Tickets for the two-day show cost P100.