Overthrust rocking in Germany
ON STAGE: Overthrust

*Local rock band in maiden European tour

The country’s hardest group and Africa’s gods of death metal, Overthrust is on tour in Germany.

After a farewell gig at Wonder Park in Tlokweng on 30th June, the Gantsi based group left for Germany where they’ll be based until August 31st.

The group was invited for an inter-cultural exchange of metal music from different continents in Hamburg-Germany.

Overthrust was chosen to represent rock music from Africa at this year’s International Summer Festival at Kampnagel-Hamburg.

The group started their maiden European tour with a gig at the Wasteland stage in Wacken last Friday.

They are billed to perform tonight in Zurich-Switzerland at Ebrietas alongside another death metal heads Omophagia.

They will proceed to Karlsruhe alongside Society prison Complex and Great Hardcore.

These rockers will later join Overthrust at Wacken-Hamburg for the main show on 17th Wednesday 2016.

Overthrust band leader Tshomarelo Mosaka aka Vulture Thrust told The Voice in an interview that they were excited to be touring Europe, particularly Germany.

“We are going to use this opportunity to grow our brand and act as ambassadors of rock music from Botswana,” he said.

“Its high time the world know that Botswana is a haven for a very raw and aggressive death metal,” said Vulture Thrust.

The five piece rock band was founded in 2008 and comprise of Tshomarelo Mosaka/Vulture Thrust-Lead Vox and bass, Shalton Monnawadikgang/Spencer Thrust-Guitars-lead, Gakeitse Bothalentwa/Suicide Torment-drums, Tshepho Kaisara/Dawg Thrust-guitars, rhythm and Lepololang Malepe/Godfather-bass/guitars.

They are known for their aggressive dirty sound and lyrics and horrific cold deep growling vocals, heavily distorted guitars and heavily fast double blast drum beats.

The group was heavily influenced by among others master growlers Orbituary, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse and local metal smelters Wrust.

They recorded their first single “Freedom in the dark” in 2011with the help of Wrust frontman Stux Daemon.

It was a single that would catapult them to stardom, earning them space on European magazines such as UK’s Vice and Webzine from France.

In 2014 Overthrust recorded their debut album “Desecrated Deeds to Decease” which did no harm to their already rock solid status.

Although the album failed to reach its true commercial potential, the true undergrounds heard and nodded in approval.

They would feature at international shows such as Metal4Africa Summer Fest in Capetown where they wowed spectators with hits such as “Slay the spectator” and “Poltergeist of torment”.

In 2015 the group won the Best Death Metal Band award at the Africa Metal Awards.

This crowning moment for sheer metallic brutality simply declared Overthrust as the gods of death metal.

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