Conversation from a combi

Boarding a mini bus from Serowe to Palapye Philimon Mmeso listened in as agitated passengers clashed with the conductor over a delay in departure.overloading and smelly passengers.

AGITATED MAN AT THE BACK: When is the bus leaving? It is very hot in here people!

LADY WITH A RED SHIRT: The conductor is outside, she can give you an answer! We are also wondering about the departure time just like you!

INVISIBLE VOICE: Sorry I was just asking madam.  (Opening the window and shouting at the conductor) We are roasting in here, the bus is full,  let us go!

CONDUCTOR: We are going don’t worry!  (To potential passenegrs outside)Hey C’mon the bus is about to leave! (Three more passengers walk in and stand)

MAN AT THE BACK: Why didn’t you bring a trailer to put more people since you are hellbent on overloading.

CONDUCTOR: (As two more girls enter the bus) These people are in a hurry just like you sir, so try to be understanding!

OLD MAN: Someone is drinking beer in the bus! The smell is too strong

MAN AT THE BACK: It must be your daughters who  just entered the bus! (Passengers burst into laughter)

OLD MAN: They are not carrying any beer and these girls are too beautiful to drink beer until they reek of it

MAN AT THE BACK: They slept in it! Can’t you see them?

OLD MAN: Hey,  the smell is too strong. Open the windows!
(The girls shift their feet uncomfortably as passengers roar into laughter)

CONDUCTOR: You are making these poor girls uncomfortable can you drop the issue please!

How can we keep quiet when we are being  drugged with alcohol and yet we don’t even drink it

OLD MAN: I’m now feeling dizzy!

The girls stop the bus at the next stop near Barcelos and  get off

CONDUCTOR: You see I have now lost P 20, 00 in revenue because of your comments!

MAN AT THE BACK: Ke ma 14! They finished someone’s salary last night and they are going to  milk another man in Palapye!

OLD MAN: Those girls are too young to be drinking! What a waste!

RED SHIRT: You’re admiring them old man, just face it! You criticise them now but come night they are all over you!

MAN AT THE BACK: Wena you’re bitter! (Laughter in the bus)

RED SHIRT: I’m not bitter. It is a fact! Right now you have made the poor girls drop off  from the bus because of your rude behaviour! And yet you are stinking of alcohol mixed with bad breath and we are not saying anything!

CONDUCTOR: That is right my sister! The problem is that you said it when I have already lost passengers.

INVISIBLE VOICE: I brushed my teeth in the morning and I don’t drink.

OLD MAN: No this lady must just shut up because right now we are drunk because of her friends!

RED SHIRT: You people are a shame!  (Passengers murmur some in agreement while some disagree)

The bus stops at Palapye bus rank and everybody disappears into the crowd.

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Puisano ya setswana emonate ka setswana. Fa e ranotswe e latlhegewa ke tatso. Ka kopo, a ko lo kwale setswana, a se le tlhabisa ditlhong ne?

Junior Mpotokwane

Kante ke eng a dirisa sekgoa? Obviously those people were all talking in Setswana! And @mmamd ur right u can translate setswana humour but it won’t be funny after

Chris M

I agree! In Setswana this humor would be a lot funnier but this is an English language paper! They have to translate it! The story hasn’t completely lost its fun though. Did those girls really get off without paying because of being put on the spot? Hmmm!


Nah! A ko le kwaleng ka setswana! Ke go ranola ga eng!

Baby bee



hmmm!!! kante gatwe baa reng neh, ga ba utlwe neh? ra re setswana a lea utlwa ne, ija!! hey kante o mang ne wena o kwala hoo? ka re setswprprprppprp, hei bona ke tsenwe ke ntsi mo nkong ke sa bolo gore setswana heish!


I am so hurt. The elders were really rude to the girls, who were just trying to get to their destinations. They seem like polite girls as they did not even respond verbally to this rude behaviour. If you must know, someone doesn’t just wake up one morning and say I am going to start drinking. It takes a lot of factors, some unpleasant to start drinking. It is a bad habit and as adults we must try and understand and if possible help these youngsters. I am embarrassed by the remarks of the old man. It is like he… Read more »


Hei dikgang tsa mo dibaseng le dicombi ke mathata fela re utlwa dilo tse di gakgamatsang.

Chris M

LOL! Rarefri, it sounds like this was just a joke! I doubt there was even any smell of alcohol in the bus! The banter among commuters should never be taken seriously by anyone. Yes, they probably felt embarrassed but they need to be stronger than that! Go and read a similar article involving a young Mokgatla guy defending his chief from attack by older Bangwato. It was funny too! He stood his ground though!


Eish o itse ga ke kgone go utlwa moono wa kgang golo fa!


BAtho ba ba tagilwe fela bothe mo buseng ya bone

mis o

‘they slept in it’…..can sum1 help by telin me if dz is th correct english or i’m jst being sensitive??personally i take it as spoken english not gud enuf to be written dwn on papers lyk dz. . . . .aniways what do u thnk ne bathong?


batho ba ba tshwanetse go kwala ka setswana.


I agree with you people, i think most Batswana are ashamed of their mother-tongue! Every media, even a Tswana section, they fight to translate it to English. Its high time Batswana be proud of their language!
Be proud of who you are…!…”Jy moet trots wees op jou taal en begin praat dit die manier wat jy wil. Dit is jou moedertaal, voel vry en vol vertroue is om dit te praat, sy jou taal…”
Baie Dankie!!!