CONCERNED: Kealotswe
CONCERNED: Kealotswe

Funds amounting to a staggering P4 355 030.68 was approved for the implementation of the Livestock Management and Infrastructure Development (LIMID) II programme in the North East District (NED).

This is despite the recurring foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) scourge in the better part of northern Botswana, NED council chairperson City Kealotswe announced last week during the official opening of the ongoing full council session.

So far the district has managed to spend a total of P1 614 718.14 towards the funding of two hundred and seventy-one projects in the border district, he said.

However, Kealotswe said the implementation of the LIMID programme in the district is t not progressing as expected.

“Main challenges affecting the programme are abandoning of projects by beneficiaries and natural,” said Kealotswe.

One of the constraints for this programme, Kealotswe said is the outbreak of the deadly FMD especially in Tati East containment zone.

He said the surveillance of the FMD virus in Zone 6 is still on.

So far, small traces of the virus have been detected in small stock such as goats and sheep, he said.


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