Out of control
Out of control


A senior secondary school in Molepolole was on Wednesday turned into a battleground as angry students armed with garden tools and stones attacked fleeing teachers.

The violent clash between Kgari Sechele School students and their teachers was apparently sparked by a fistfight between a teacher and a male student the previous day.

A bunch of students interviewed on Wednesday under the watchful eye of police officers that patrolled the school said the art teacher had rained blows on the student until he bolted in anger and stabbed another student, Mompati Jacob (17) with a knife below the left armpit.

Jacob who was apparently attacked for attempting to break-up the teacher- student fight is currently admitted at Livingstone hospital in Molepolole.

The following day friends of the student who lost the fight to the teacher staged violent demonstrations that caused extensive damage to school property, teachers’ cars and caused the scared teachers to run for their lives.

After police have quelled the protests the school management called an urgent meeting and every student was ordered to bring their parents to school the following day (Thursday.)

Speaking in an interview, the district commissioner who was present at the scene, Dr Themba Mmusi revealed that teachers locked themselves inside the tuck-shop for safety.

“It however has to be stated that it is only a group of unruly individuals who cause this kind of drama. They should be suspended because if they had issues they should have known of appropriate procedures to register their complaints through their Student Representative Council (SRC),” Mmusi said

Commenting on the incident, The Regional Operation Director of Education, Benson Rauwe said the ministry would have from now on introduce spontaneous checks, to search for sharp objects from students.

“Investigations are still ongoing but those who vandalized school property will be charged accordingly,” said Rauwe.

Assistant Superintendent Salome Segale of Molepolole police said the student who stabbed another would have to face assault charges.

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