Our son was killed for muti
DEVASTATED: Boineelo Mojakgesa

Family accuse former BDP councillor of murdering his cousin

Barely alive and in unimaginable pain, the wounds on his mutilated body already starting to rot, Dira Mojakgesa was delivered to his family in a blood-soaked sack by his cousin.

That was on Wednesday the 9th of May. Four days later, despite his relative’s best efforts to save him, Mojakgesa died, the 43-year-old’s tortured torso finally at peace.

However, for the dead man’s family, peace is a distant dream.

Forced to bury Mojakgesa last Wednesday, rushing the funeral because of the deceased’s decomposed body, the family are convinced their beloved son was killed for muti purposes.

They believe his cousin, former Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) councillor, Victor Motlotle – the same cousin who brought the dying man to the family’s home in Lotlhakane West – is responsible for Mojakgesa’s death.

Motlotle, who employed Mojakgesa as a herdboy, is a former Mathubudukwane councillor but lost his position in the 2014 elections.

Relatives suspect the politician harvested his cousin’s body parts in a ritual ceremony designed to ensure he wins the small Kgatleng village’s 2019 elections.

Speaking exclusively to The Voice on the day of the funeral, Moatlhodi Ratomi, a cousin to the deceased, described Mojakgesa as ‘very sick’ when Motlotle ‘dropped him off covered with a sack’.

Our son was killed for muti
ANGRY: Moatlhodi Ratomi

“His body, from the waist to his feet, was decomposed. When we bathed him we found that some of his body parts were missing like his heals and he had deep wounds on his hips, butts and at his back,” narrated Ratomi, who was dressed in black for the sombre occasion.

“He (Mojakgesa) uttered the words, ‘ke bolailwe ke Nini, o nkgopetse dirwe o batla go wina ditlhopho’ – (Nini killed me, he harvested my body parts so that he can win the elections),” claimed Ratomi, his voice calm and steady but his animated eyes dancing with emotion.

“We took him to the clinic where they gave him medication and gloves to use when bathing him,” continued Ratomi, adding they reported the matter to the police but were referred to the village chief, ‘who did not pay much attention’.

“When we asked Motlotle why he brought Dira in such a terrible state to a rural village where there are no resources, he became angry and told us it is our responsibility,” said the elder, who explained the family had wanted a post-mortem carried out but it did not happen because the mortuary could not keep the body long as it was too badly decomposed.

Another relative, the deceased’s aunt, Boineelo Mojakgesa, who bathed and nursed her niece as his life slipped away, is adamant Motlotle is to blame.

“It was very painful to see my own relative doing this to my sister’s son,” she surmised sadly, before taking The Voice to the filthy white sack she says her nephew arrived in; it reeks of death and decaying flesh.

Our son was killed for muti
ON DISPLAY: Boineelo showing off the sack and her nephew’s belongings

When reached for a comment Motlotle emphatically denied he had anything to do with Mojakgesa’s death.

“The family want to tarnish my name. I long told them Dira was sick but they never even bothered to visit him. I am completely innocent and if there are any doubts the Police can do the investigations,” he told The Voice.

Meanwhile, Constable Kelefhile confirmed the family came to report that Motlotle brought their son sick.

However, he insisted they did not mention anything about body parts being missing. The constable further said that if a case is opened, investigations could include exhuming the body to conduct a postmortem.