Our miracle pregnancy
BLESSED: Mr and Mrs Evangelist Kgosintwa

couple gives birth after 21 years of marriage

When trying to conceive seemed hopeless, Julia Kgosintwa, 42, and her husband, Evangelist Alfred Kgosintwa, 52, chose to trust God with their lives.

In April 1995, Alfred and Julia of Molepolole got married and excitedly looked forward to having a baby.

Seven years later the young couple’s excitement turned into disappointed as they realised that conceiving wasn’t going to be as easy as they had perceived it would be.

Several treatments and prayers later, the Christian couple finally decided to stop trying in 2014 and prayed a simple prayer for God’s will to be done in their life.

Last year when they least expected it, a miracle happened and Julia fell pregnant at the ripe age of 42.

On January 11th, a bouncy baby girl was born to a barren couple, cementing their staunch faith in God and fulfilling their dream of being parents. She was aptly named Realeboga (We thank God).

Speaking in an interview, Kgosintwa (52) said that after his wife informed him that the doctor’s medical tests have proved that indeed she was four months and five days pregnant, he couldn’t believe it.

“My wife’s period was irregular so I had concluded that she was approaching menopause, so I was still doubtful even after the good news. And then there was morning sickness, but even that didn’t faze me. I just thought it was just sickness,” he said.

Speaking about her pregnancy, Julia, 42, said it was an easy one.

“When it happened I was on high blood pressure medication but when I fell pregnant I was advised to get off it because my blood pressure had stabilized. I was healed,” she proudly elucidated.

Both Julia and her husband did not want to reveal the cause of their infertility.

Medical Practitioner and Public Health Specialist, Dr Retta Ayelle, says infertility can be either from a man or a woman or both in a relationship.

According to the experts at Adavanced Gynecology whom you can contact using  https://www.advancedgynecology.com/location/roswell/, to increase chances of conception a couple should have sexual intercourse to a minimum of 6 months two to three times a week.

“The time they are having sex should match the time the woman is ovulating, for example if a menstruation cycle of a woman takes 28 days, the 14th day is the day of ovulation.

The woman may also be infertile due to hormonal problem, which may need hormonal therapy,” he explained.

Doctor Ayelle further noted that there is also physical barrier that may hinder the sperm to get in contact with the ovulating egg and that can only be known through medical history if thorough investigations are done and also that sometimes a sperm is not in a position to fertilise an egg which would then require sperm analysis.

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