Orphan finds solace in gospel music

After the devastation of losing both her biological parents as a teenager, 30-year-old Tonota native, Thato Semaseko turned to gospel music for comfort.

The strong-willed Semaseko has just released a seven-track album titled Phimola Keledi (wipe your tears) in which she features her four-year-old daughter Masa Ayanda Semaseko.

Three-and-a-half years in the making, the LP was recorded at EmJoe Records in Gaborone and released in April.

“The lyrics on most of my songs were based on my life experiences, the trials and tribulations I went through,” Semaseko told Voice Entertainment.

“I lost my mother when I was doing Form 1 and my biological father also passed on when I was doing Form 5.

“After losing both parents life was never the same. I could no longer get the things I wished for like other kids. I had a really difficult time and I sometimes shed a tear just thinking about what I had to go through,” reflected the silky-voiced mother-of-one.

Semaseko said she learnt to turn her sorrow into song, and to pray to God to help her overcome her struggles.

“I know God has always been watching over me. My mother was also a true believer who believed in the power of prayer,” she said, adding that it was always her mum’s wish for her to lead a spiritual life.

‘Phimola keledi’ is Semaseko’s fourth album and songs to look out for include the title track as well as ‘Toro’, ‘Rara’, and ‘Jerusalema’.

Her previous albums include ‘Ntwa e bolotse’, ‘Tholangwanesho’ and ‘Madimona’.

The talented Tonota lady further told Voice Entertainment she was worried by the difficulty local artists encounter to break into the international market.

She urged artists to do more to take their music abroad.

“We are all capable artists. I believe in my talent and consider myself one of the best,” she added sheepishly.

The signer said she gauged herself against 133 other artists in the Presidential Arts Competitions in 2017 where she finished sixth.

“That’s what inspired me to work even harder,” she added.

The self-assured artist, who looks up to the legendary Rebecca Malope, ended the interview by revealing her dream is to own a band and perform live.