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THE BOSS: Dennis Mmolai

This week, Voice Money caught up with Orange Botswana’s recently appointed Director Business to Business (B2B) and Fixed Broadband (FBB) Dennis Mmolai to talk about his new role and the products and services they offer.

Q. What does your role entail?

A. My role is to be the liaison between the organisation and the clientele being business to business.

I sell Orange products and services to the B2B clients as well as FBB potential clients.

We have divided our corporate into two, that is large accounts of companies with more than 50 employees and small businesses.

Every segment has key account managers and for large accounts we have segmented it by industries banking, mining, logistic sectors and others.

On small businesses, we have segmented by the different locations around the country.

Q. Before you were appointed a Director what did you do at Orange?

A. When I joined the organisation I became a Dealer Coordinator Leader building the dealer portfolio.

Dealer meaning the different organisations we use to distribute our airtime.

I became a Regional Sales Manager South of Botswana before becoming the Director of Project.

The idea was to develop the fixed broadband aspect within Orange.

That is when I ascended to my current position and merging B2B and FBB to become one unit.

Q. You took up the position in June – how would you describe the first few months of your journey?

A. The journey has been a challenging one but at the same time exciting.

As a go-getter, I had to hit the ground running. Here was a challenge put in front of me to say, ‘Improve the Orange B2B portfolio’, so it was hectic.

Q. What sets you apart as Orange?

A. It’s all about what matters to you.

Customer experience is very important.

We have a dedicated department that focuses on customer experience.

If a client is happy with your service they will definitely come back.

We just want to give unparalleled customer experience to be in the same league as your Amazons and Apple, which is the vision we are driving to.

We have good products and customers should rest assured that when you are with us you are in good hands.

Q. With many local network providers, there is an issue of expensive data and slow connections. What are you doing as Orange to ensure your customers don’t experience such?

A. First of all we need to ensure we give our customers value for money and that they get exactly what they pay for.

We have regular bands with upgrades where we speed up data connectivity.

We ensure that we monitor our network and every architecture we have within a company regularly, which helps to identify problems on time and respond.

Q. As Orange celebrates 20 years, what are some of the new packages or products customers should look forward to?

A. We just launched a fantastic offer called ‘Orange Sellecta A La Carte’ which allows customers to make their own choice based on minutes, sms and data.

We are really pushing our fixed broadband strategy to ensure the market gets an understanding that we are able to give you fixed data connectivity either via fiber through BOFINET or Orange infrastructure.

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