Orange Botswana  in partnership with Standard and Chartered bank Botswana have announced the launch of a mobile money service, Orange Money, designed to provide Orange’s mobile customers with access to basic financial services wherever they are.
Orange Money, according to Chief executive Officer, Elizabeth Madou-Badang, is an innovative mobile phone-based system that allows customers to carry out simple banking operations and transactions in total security.

“Such services offer a huge potential in Botswana where less than 40% of the population have access to a bank account and yet nearly all have a mobile phone.
Orange customers who register for Orange Money and activate their mobile wallets will have access to a wide range of services,” she said.
The services include Money Transfer that enables users to send e-money to any Orange mobile customer in Botswana, the Top Up which enables users to purchase Orange airtime and the Pay Bills and Utility accounts which enables users to pay utility bills as well as for their subscriptions with Orange.

“Orange Money is a very important part of our strategy. Mobile payment services have the potential to bring cost-effective and secure access to banking services to people with low-incomes, who often live in rural or remote areas. By providing our customers with the means to save money, pay bills and run their businesses, we are not only reinforcing customer loyalty but we are also able to play an active role in the economic development of the country”.

Orange Products & VAS Executive Kebaneetse Force, added: “we aim to make our customers’ lives easier with this affordable new service. Orange Money adds a whole new dimension to the role that a mobile phone plays in people’s lives, especially when you consider that it doesn’t require a bank account”.
To launch the new service, Orange and Standard Chartered Bank signed a strategic partnership between Orange and the bank. Commenting on the partnership, Acting CEO of Standard Chartered Bank Botswana, Michael Wiegand said: “We are happy to partner with Orange and collaborate to bring this innovative range of new services to the market. This will increase access to basic financial services and go a long way towards banking the unbanked”.

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