Orange gives away over P918 000


Orange Botswana has given away over P918 000 in cash prizes since the beginning of the SOS game.

In addition Orange has also given away a brand new Audi A4 and P98 000 worth of airtime.

Currently Orange Botswana is running an SMS game simply titled SOS change my life sms game.

According to Kebaneetse Force, Innovations and Value Added Services Lead at Orange Botswana this is an SMS game which rewards customers for donating money to charity.

The winners vary with some having played the game over a longer period of time whilst others played once or twice and got lucky.

“Each time the customer plays the sms game, they donate P2.00 to charity and stand a chance to win airtime, cash or a car,” said Force.

In addition to changing the lives of regular Batswana, the sms game is aimed at raising funds and changing the lives of the children at SOS Children’s Village Botswana.

The SOS Children’s Villages Association of Botswana was founded in 1980 against the background of a rapidly increasing number of AIDS orphans.

According to Force, Orange Botswana selected SOS as the beneficiaries of the sms game following a plea for help from the NGO.

“They came to us to ask for donations because their usual donors from the western world reduced their budgets since the economic downturn of 2008-2009. We support and believe in their casue as an organisation hence our decision to support them in this manner,” he says.

SOS Children’s Villages is currently operating in three locations in Botswana where children are provided with day care, education and medical assistance.

Children whose families cannot take care of them can find a loving home in one of the SOS families.

Orange Botswana also supports other charitable organisations such as Lady Khama Charitable Trust which received 10% of proceeds from another sms competition named Pompa Lebotha.

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