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Molapisi clears air over BPP’s constituency stand

The Botswana People’s Party (BPP) is generally considered an insignificant member of the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) by political commentators.

Since the arrival of Botswana Congress Party into the UDC fold, BPP has been shoved further down the pecking order.

However tell that to BPP hardcore supporters and they hold a completely different view.

The BPP reckons they are a party with good standing with the ability to help UDC attain state power in 2019.

The party recently threw a spanner in the works by demanding seven constituencies instead of four allocated after long and tense negotiations.

At the fore-front of this resurgent BPP is its leader Motlatsi Molapisi who’s adamant that his party deserves more than four constituencies.

Speaking from his cattle-post Molapisi fielded questions from Voice Reporter Kabelo Dipholo.

Q. The BPP have registered their displeasure with the four constituencies allocated to them for the 2019 elections.
You have never gone on record as the BPP leader to publicly state your position. Are you not happy with the four constituencies?

Yes, as the BPP we have registered our displeasure with the UDC Central Committee and we are still awaiting their response.

We are demanding seven constituencies and the other three members can share the remaining 50 constituencies.

Q. From what we heard allocation was based on incumbency and how a particular party fared in the 2014 elections.
Whats your basis for demanding the seven constituencies?

People should remember that opposition fared badly in the 2014 General elections, particularly in the north, so basing allocation on bad results will not be a wise thing.

We also have to understand that this is a collective effort, it is not about individual parties, this is about UDC.

My belief is people were not ready in 2014, but they are ready now and any party within the umbrella can stand anywhere in the country.

Q. Does this mean you don’t have a problem with your party being allocated two constituencies in Serowe?

We have no problem standing in Serowe, it is a village in Botswana.

The most critical thing is the type and capability of a candidate we are going to field.

As BPP, if we feel we don’t have the right candidate we dont’ have a problem in asking any of our UDC partners to supply a candidate.

Q. Do you mean you don’t have a problem giving Serowe South to a BMD candidate?

Exactly. Ke o ne moono!(thats the plan)

Q. Are you standing for a parliamentary seat in 2019, and if so where will you be contesting?

It is still too early to say who is and who is not standing. The people will decide who’ll stand in 2018.

Q. Are you happy with the arrival of the BCP into the umbrella?

BPP is excited that finally BCP found the importance of joining forces with other opposition parties.

Their arrival has enhanced our chances of dislodging Botswana Democratic Party from power.

I’m now positive that we are going to attain state power in 2019.

Batswana have been waiting for this, they will vote for change.

We have the ability to run this government and turn around the fortunes of this country.

Q. Opposition parties have voiced their concerns about the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM). What is BPP’s opinion on this new development?

Its typical of Botswana politics. Everyone knows what exactly these machines were brought for.

We know the intentions of the BDP, but like typical Batswana we are doing nothing about it.

The BDP knows that they can rig elections and everyone will casually walk home as if nothing untoward has happened. It is the Botswana kind of politics which saddens me all the time.

Q. What do you suggest people should do?

Batswana need to learn to stand up against their government.

Their no should be no, they should demonstrate and reject EVMs.

If they are not happy with elections results they should stand up and reject them, not sulking all day when the country remains in the hands of undeserving people.

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