Operation Tlatsa Lebala standing at 80%
FINALLY HERE: Tlatsa Lebala

As of Tuesday morning, local musician Kast’s dream of filling the National Stadium with an all local line up was standing at almost 80% complete with just over 9, 000 tickets sold.

After last year’s humiliating failure, when he was forced to cancel the event at the last moment, this Saturday Kast will finally host the inaugural Tlatsa Lebala music extravaganza.

The event’s star-studded line up was released last week to much debate about certain stellar names not featuring – including Charma Gal and DramaBoi.

However, most big acts from across all music genres will perform at the show, ranging from Amantle Brown to Vee Mampeezy to Franco.

In total, more than 50 artists will perform at the music festival.

Speaking to Voice Entertainment this week, the event’s project manager, Massie Hule confirmed that with four days still to go, they had crossed the 9, 000 ticket mark.

“We had set a target for ourselves. Initially last year the target was to accommodate up to 20, 000 people but I brought it down to 15 thousand, so our target is to have 15 thousand people in that stadium come Saturday,” he said.

However, according to the Botswana national Sport Council (BNSC) chairperson, Solly Reikeletseng, the national stadium can fill up to 10, 000 people standing only on the football pitch.

“I would put the figure at 10 thousand only for filling the pitch area, and this would only be for the standing crowd with free movement,” Reikeletseng explained.

Reikeletseng and the BNYC were the first to really get the ball rolling on the excitement surrounding the event when they announced they would offer the venue for free or rather cover the costs of the venue.

This was back when Kast went on an emotional and historic 1, 000 KM walk from Maun to Gaborone.

He arrived to a heroes welcome at the Riverwalk mall.

Barring another catastrophe, on Saturday it seems likely he will finally realise his dream of selling out the stadium.

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