Joel Mogorosi

They say that there are no easy games at our level, but our game against Tafic in Molepolole last weekend was like taking sweets from a baby. We scored four and could have had more had we been more ruthless.  It was good scoring against my former teammate, Lesh Moeng. While he cried that we hammered him he understood that it is football and that there are times when you are just outplayed.
Tafic had a few players missing due to so-called ‘industrial action,’ but we would have hammered whatever team they put out. The problems at Tafic may have something to do with selfish team administrators. These issues can be avoided, but many team officials don’t consult the players when there is a problem. If officials play hide and seek and don’t communicate with the players, then there is bound to be chaos. As for me I can’t even consider striking because no team official can run away from me. I hunt for a man until I find him!  But the only striking I’m doing at the moment is hitting the back of the net. I have scored against every team in the premier league except Uniao Flamingo Santos, and I will put that right before the end of the season since we are still to meet them in the league and possibly in the cup final.

Tshepo Motlhabankwe

After a run of convincing wins morale is sky high in the Chiefs’ camp. Everybody is smiling from the players to the fans. We are also blessed that we don’t have any injuries at present. The good news is that even Pontsho Moloi has started training though I am not sure when he will play. Piro has been out for a month now with a knee injury. He missed the last five games for Chiefs and the Zebras, but seeing that he is almost back to fitness has lifted the guys’ morale.
Personally I am always in high spirits whenever I play Gunners, and the fact that it is in a cup semi-final just adds spice to the occasion.
Whenever we play Gunners people know that it will be Talk Talk against his former team. Having captained Gunners obviously puts him on the spot. The man however knows that he is now employed at Chiefs, and this is no time to be sentimental. He also has a baby to work for so we expect him to do duty without compromise. I will also come against my friends at Gunners, and as I have said before, they are a team that I have some feelings for, but on Sunday it will be business as usual.

Yes we have scored many goals in the Coke Cup this season. We put nine past a hopeless Kanye Swallows at the Lobatse ground, and whilst we only managed one against BDF in the quarterfinals, we are scoring for fun at the moment. Sageby Sandaka is the leading goal scorer with four goals, but we are not looking at personal glory here since it is a team effort. Although I don’t think we will go to penalties, if it does I will step up to take one without fear, despite missing one or two in the past.

Many people think that the Molepolole ground is Chiefs slaughterhouse, but I beg to differ. Personally I like the natural grass. I can take any player on that field and turn them inside out without fail. That is why I am happy that we are playing on natural turf in Lobatse this weekend. We have been training twice daily since I joined Chiefs and it is working for the team. The programme will be used against Gunners this weekend. If we want to turn professional it is time for teams to start visiting the gym rooms more often.

IN SONG: Chiefs fans

I know that we have been turning on the style lately, playing what some might call exhibition football, but I would ask our fans to stop cheering every pass when we knock the ball around. I know that in Europe the fans call out ‘OLE’ when the team is on top and passing the ball around, but that doesn’t bring results. We need to do the business first, then we can play to the gallery later.

WINDFALL: League Sponsorship

There is a lot of money being splashed out on the league with be Mobile’s P24 million sponsorship. It is a great incentive and competition will surely be tough, but the sponsorship cash must be handled correctly. One problem is that there are sheep in wolves’ skin running our clubs. They benefit more than the players, and actually cheat the players by making them work for nothing. If we are all made happy it can improve the teams and football as a whole, but every stakeholder must perform their duties well.

I felt some sympathy for the Zebras players who are reported to have been stranded in Morocco. If the reports are true then it will be sad for our football. But the guys it happened to are big boys and as senior players they can handle issues very well. I also think the BFA is doing enough to correct such problems. It happened to me as a youngster back in 2007 when I got stranded in Egypt and I cracked because I was still young.

So Chelsea is out of the champions’ league, and Man U and Barcelona go marching on. Most would expect the winner to come from those two, but don’t underestimate Mourinho’s Real Madrid. He made headlines last year by beating teams with Inter Milan, and the man is an entertainer, coach, history maker and this year he shouldn’t be underestimated as he may still cause an upset.