ROMANTIC: Tonight's dinner on him

There is nothing sexier than a man showing off his skills and whooping up an amazing meal in the kitchen.

In the spirit of celebrating men this Valentine’s holiday, one of our guys from the last post ‘what men want for valentines’ Drew Chadhall is a master in the kitchen. 

COOKING: A great gift to give someone you love

Raised by a queen who loves cooking, at 14 years old he grew love for the kitchen.

Inspired by famous British chef Jamie Oliver, Drew strives to be unique with his passion.

His dishes have a signature touch of exoticness that go with his vision of taste.

Here’s a quick under 20minutes meal to prepare at home to make the night a little special this evening.

This will have your partner impressed and gives you a little cooking street cred for this Valentine’s Holiday.

RAW: Let the creative juices flow

 Garlic and Butter Rib Eye Steak


*Rib eye steak

*Sesame oil

* Salted butter

*Garlic + Ginger

* Lemon pepper, salt, thyme and rosemary.

Cooking Process

Make sure the pan is hot before adding the oil, and then reduce the heat to a medium temperature.

Rub your herbs plus the ginger and garlic to your steak. Other alternative herbs can be used.

Use sesame oil and slated butter to fry. These combinations of oils add distinctive flavors to the steak. Alternative oils can be butter or ghee butter.

Tilt the pan away or towards you slightly to gather oil and scoop with a spoon to baste while carefully monitoring it.

Cook for 8-10 minutes on each side and let rest for before plating.

This one is for the steak lovers. Pair this with a side of baked broccoli, green beans, a bed of fragrant rice, or whatever rocks your boat as a main to complete this dish. Red wine or a beer is a suitable wash down. 

BON APPETIT: Enjoy it all

Cook it to perfection because it is a very sensitive delicacy.

How to check if your steak is done?  

Rare: this steak is soft and maintains a dent when pressed.

Medium rare:  has a soft springy feel. 

Well done: remains firm with no spring.

It is a perfect meal to have for a romantic night. It’s light, but filling. Not only is it packed with the right nutrients, its amazing flavors will leave your mouth watering and have your partner begging for more. Don’t forget to save a little room for whatever desert may be! 

Here are more ideas on recipes of what to make for this Valentines holiday. Check out @DrewChadhall on Instagram for more of these delicious cuisines.

SOMETHING FISHY: a light bite for the night

Going out or staying in, this lite bite is ideal to keep the night going, and to avoid bloating or an over stuffed stomach. 

OX TONGUE: Something meaty and healthy

A salad is always refreshing and when paired with bite-sized meats it elevates to a proper light meal fit for this occasion.

Salmon with Rosemary Pasta: wholesome food for the soul

 With this dish on this sexy occasion, make sure to be wary of portions. Too much of a good thing is bad. 

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