On top of the world
SONG BIRD: Samantha Mogwe


To many she is a songstress with a velvet voice powerful enough to emotionally take one to a happy place with her melodic delivery.

However, Samantha Mogwe is a singer/song-writer, social entrepreneur, business woman and fitness enthusiast.

Her most important role is newly earned as she and her doting husband are now parents to a baby boy.

“My priority is now my son especially since he is just under four months. I really try to spend as much time as I can with him at home so I schedule specific days where I work all day, and schedule some days where I work half day. At this point, it’s hard to be awake any time past 9pm because I am still adjusting to being a mother. I am up as early as 4:30 every day and so you can’t blame me for being tired by 8pm,”she says with a chuckle.

Though a self confessed workaholic who works better in structured environments, Mogwe has since had to confront the huge change having a baby has placed in her life.

“I like to be in control of situations and be as prepared as possible. Although I used my pregnancy as time to prepare as best as I could for motherhood, when reality hit and the baby came, I found myself having to learn to loosen the reigns a bit.

She goes on to say “I cannot control sleep patterns, I cannot control being 20 minutes late, I cannot control milestones that he makes in his growth. I have now learnt to enjoy this process and take each day as it comes, obviously being as prepared as possible, but never forgetting to letting go and simply enjoying this gift of life and watching him grow.

Mogwe promises to let in her fans on the new projects she is busy working on.

“ Since being out of botseetsi, I have been working on three things actually. I have been having meetings with various producers (Bk Proctor and Yaw Bannerman) as well as other song-writers, photographers, stylists, PR Managers in order to plan for the next phase of my career and how my sound and brand should match the current place where I am in my life. I have already started sampling some music that has been sent to me and writing and I intend to be back in studio within the next month. She also reveals that she has a project she is working on in collaboration with Jack’s Gym Botswana and Obi Fight club.

“Business-wise; I am a co-owner of a company called Real Links Holdings, which is a trade and logistics company that connects clients with suppliers.”

On top of the world

Even though Mogwe says having a baby has not necessarily changed her sound she admits that it has changed her outlook on life and her priorities.

“The plan is to stay true to my sound; neo-soul/RnB. My sound will show case my growth and maturity. I just hope the fans are able to understand and relate to the need to “transition” because it is a necessary part of life.”

She says having a child initially petrified her but all that changed when she laid her eyes on her son.

“When I held my son I felt the need to want to expose him to all that is beautiful in this world, there is plenty to celebrate and not all things are of gloom and doom. I want him to live and love fully and to be passionate about life. This world is full of infinite possibilities and it’s up to us to simply open our eyes and see them.”

On what she also enjoys most besides her new found love, Mongwe says; “Apart from my new morning routine of waking up to a smiling and happy baby, I enjoy having a hot, uninterrupted bath.

I would have never thought that something that used to seem so trivial is something that I would value so much. I also enjoy my gym sessions.

It’s a great way to focus on my mental and physical health and de-stress”. Mogwe says new mommies should savor their baby’s milestones as one cannot reverse time.

“You will never get those precious moments back. Do not compare your mothering skills to anyone else’s, we are all learning and finding our way.Don’t be tough on yourself; just love your baby as best as you can and enjoy the process.

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