Of old men and stamina
Of old men and stamina

On Saturday at dusk, Voice cartoonist, Lesole Ntshole was aboard a taxi in Mochudi on his way to a hiking stop when he eavesdropped on a conversation between passengers about love relationships.

ELDERLY MAN: It’s not good to travel home at this time. When thugs see me carrying this small bag, they’d think I’ve got a lot of money and attack me.

I’m asking you to accompany me a few kilometres. If you could drop me by the red tuck shop, I’ll be much closer to home.

TAXI DRIVER: Thugs are ruthless. When they attack you, and realise you don’t have money, they might even kill you.

LADY IN BLACK SKIRT: Why did you choose to travel this time, and where are you going?

ELDERLY MAN: Shouldn’t I be the one asking you that question?

LADY IN BLACK SKIRT: Well, I’m going to spend a night at my boyfriend’s place.

ELDERLY MAN: Your boyfriend is lucky. He’s going to enjoy himself tonight. (laughter).

LADY IN BLACK SKIRT: (laughs). Now you’re insulting me.

ELDERLY MAN: I find nothing wrong in what I said. What I meant is that your partner is going to enjoy the supper you cook for him tonight. I wish I was him.

LADY IN BLACK SKIRT: When you drop at a stop, I’ll go with you to your place, cook, and spend the night with you.

ELDERLY MAN: I hate to allow ladies to spend night at my place. The moment they realise you can go a several rounds, they’ll keep coming to your place for more.

LADY IN BLACK SKIRT: Old men lack stamina. An old man would call a younger woman to his place so they could have sex.

When she arrives, he’d tell her the sex hunger had vanished, and that next time she should come rushing when he calls.

The conversation ends as the taxi diverts direction from the main road in Boseja, where the elderly man disembarks by the tuck shop.

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