office romance

Many bid their partners farewell to spend days at work in the company of their second families.

That is in instances where one gets along with their colleagues.

For others the work environment with its challenges is quickly forgotten at close of business as one looks forward to being with loved ones and putting behind a bad day at the office behind them.

However there are those who have the unique set up of not only sharing their personal spaces but also their work environments with their spouses.

Voice Woman had the exceptional opportunity to chat to one such couple that works together.

Gerty and Kutlwano Mogojwe
Fashion Designers extraordinaire

LOVE BIRDS: Gerty and Kutlwano
LOVE BIRDS: Gerty and Kutlwano

They are the dynamic duo behind the edgy Black Trash fashion label and continue to ride a high wave winning awards around the globe for their sought after pieces.

Both Gerty and Kutlwano are at the helm of their business as co- Chief Executive Officers and Co- founders of their business.

They both studied and live fashion everyday hence starting a business together was no brainer but rather a perfect fit. “There was no manual to follow on how to set up a business with one’s life partner but trusting in our insatiable appetite for beautiful things, fashion and the creative arts we were determined to build a power house. I must say our labour of love has paid off,” says Gerty.

The Mogojwe’s have known each other since secondary school and have been married for 8 years since 2007.

When many may raise their eyebrows at countless hours spent in the company of their better half during a full workday, for the Mogojwe’s it is their norm. “We enjoy working together and find that we are able to get a lot more done as a team. However we are mindful to separate our workspace from the home space.

As professionals we give each other room to express ourselves either in disagreement or in agreement. “Kutlwano chirps in.

The couple agrees that respect, forging a friendship, patience and trust for one another goes a long way in building and maintaining a successful business and a happy home. “Kux and I are best friends, we really do everything together. Some people, including our staff frowns upon this and may even be intimidated and uncomfortable with our set up but once they get to know us they tend to get used to it. I even suspect they may wish to have even closer relationships with their better halves,” Says Gerty, a proud mother to her “princesses, Shasha and Aurorah.

She goes on to share her ideal world, which includes more tolerance amongst loved ones. “I don’t get why couples don’t invest more time, quality time for that matter with each other.”

When elaborating on the dynamics of working together, the Mogojwe’s advise that, disagreements are part of life but learning to accept each other’s faults, mistakes and knowing that as people we are not perfect is key in resolving misunderstandings. “It is difficult to hold on to anger especially towards a loved one and we are both suckers for happy times so we hardly search for fights.”

Outside their demanding and involved work, Kutlwano and Gerty love a good party and both are huge fans of pop and rave music. Travel is also high on their list but they enjoy movies on what one could term as down days where they have time off from work. “We have similar if not the same tastes and this has made both our professional and personal relationships stronger. “Explains Kutlwano.

It is rare to see these two apart and one must admit they exude happiness and with their rather fashion forward sense of style they sure know how to turn heads.

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