HOPEFUL: Dr Dikoloti

Youth have been frustrated by the past system – Dikoloti

Botswana Democratic Party’s parliamentary candidate for Mmathethe/Molapowabojang constituency, Dr Edwin Gorataone Dikoloti surprised many when defeated the Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr Alfred Madigele during the party’s primary elections last year.

Dikoloti became an instant household name but many say the 37- year- old politician started his groundwork long back in 2014, after elections with an annual football tournament and through offering his services as a Veterinary Officer as community service.

He apparently helped farmers in vaccinating their animals.

The Voice Staffer, DANIEL CHIDA interviewed the University of Queensland (Australia) graduate who looks determined to take his constituency far.

People feel you didn’t do Madigele any justice by challenging him after he had served one term and that you should have supported him for another term, give us your side.

My joining politics and contesting was not about Madigele as some may put it but about the constituency.

Our area is behind in developments and I saw it fit to stand up and help.

Do you mean Madigele and the past representatives failed to deliver?

Our former Member of Parliament, Peter Siele tried his best to bring developments in our area but during Madigele’s era, we saw all those developments that were on the pipeline being further put on hold and we were not given any explanation.

Maybe Madigele was just unfortunate to come at a time when things were being shelved.

I decided to step in as I felt I have a stronger voice.

Again I have an idea that we shouldn’t be waiting for government to bring developments to us but to find a way of bringing those developments.

Which developments are you talking about?

My area is a hub for farming and majority of the people there are farmers, so I took it upon myself to train them on which medicines to use and the type of feed to buy for their animals.

I do help them with the basics so that in the future their animals don’t die while people are waiting for government to send officers.

It is an initiative that I started long back.

This is the same initiative that you are accused of having used to campaign before time.

I wasn’t doing that as a campaign tool but to bring change in my constituency.

With my initiatives various professional teams scouted a lot of youth where they are now plying their trade.

I have started another race for dogs and will soon add the donkey race with an aim to turn the constituency into a Sport tourism hub.

What other developments do you want to bring to your area?

My interest is on Agricultural sector and I would like to see farmers drilling boreholes for their livestock.

The other positive thing is that our President Mokgweetsi Masisi’s initiatives are what people have been waiting for.

Had we implemented some of his ideas already we could be far by now. It is time to use our farms to benefit us.

I will introduce a health corner in each school to introduce children to health awareness at a tender age.

People no longer attend kgotla meetings and we have to take advantage of bars and make health awareness readily available in bars.

Lastly there will be an annual Dikoloti quiz and essay in all schools in my constituency.

What is it that you have contributed to the BDP so far?

My focus has been on the ground where I did a lot of footwork.

I am where I am because of footwork and the advice that I got from my mother, Seposi Dikoloti.

I also look up to people like Kentse Rammidi; he is a good foot soldier.

With all that experience and dedication I am confident BDP will win general elections.

What about the challenge from combined opposition, UDC and the new kid, Botswana Patriotic Front?

We are bringing 40 members who will be contesting for the first time and this shows that the party is re-energising.

Youth have been frustrated by the past system and see Masisi as their savior.

They want action and the current government is working towards that, soon there won’t be a system where people wait for months to be paid by government after providing service.

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