Off the hook
ABSENTEE MOTHER: Boitumelo Ramodisa

Sorry mother escapes child neglect conviction

An absentee mother of six was this week let off with a warning for neglecting her children for four years.

A charge of child neglect carries a minimum fine of P5000.00 or imprisonment of less than five years but last week magistrate Rosmary Khuto of the Molepolole magistrate court tempered justice with mercy and let the irresponsible mother off the hook.

It was the second time that Boitumelo Botsang Ramodisa (32) was absolved from blame by the court for failing to take care of her children, which she had abandoned at her mother’s

Evidence given in court indicated that Botsang saw her children for the last time in 2012 before she travelled to Gaborone to collect child maintenance money from the court and never returned.

Before then her aging mother had reported her to the police for a similar incident but withdrew the case when Botsang apologized profusely after she was arrested.

Appearing at the magistrate’s court in Molepolole, a calm and collected Botsang pleaded with the court to give her the last chance to redeem herself since she now has a job that pays her P400. 00. a month.

“I’m trying. One of my children recently asked for money to pay for a school trip and I assisted her, may the court be lenient on me because I have already taken steps to rehabilitate myself.

Extension 2 magistrate court said they cant assist me to get maintenance because I didn’t know the children’s fathers’ places of work but I have since found out that one of them works as a bus conductor, so there’s hope,” she said.

In passing judgment, Magistrate Rosemary Khuto took Botsang’s mitigation into consideration and let her off with a warning.

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