The Lobelo Racing Club will tomorrow host an off road race which will start and finish at the Thaba Ya Nkwe Game Lodge along the old Matsiloje Road.

Speaking to Voice Sport on Wednesday the racing club’s spokesperson Lola Berrie said, the “three loop 65 kilometre event dubbed the “Off Road Insane National Race has attracted 30 riders from within and without the country.

“Most of the riders are from Botswana. We also have a few riders from South Africa” Berrie said.

According to Berrie the race which will besides bringing the best riding action to Ghetto bring the latest GPS navigation technology into town.

“We will be using GPS for navigation instead of the typical orange day glows. The GPs will be provided on the day of the race with handlebar mount included” she told Voice Sport.

She further went on to say that training in GPs use will be provided in the morning of the race.

“We will run a training session first thing in the morning, where we will orientate riders with the use of the GPS. Then each rider will do a short loop to ensure they know how to use the GPS” she intimated to Voice Sport.

Berrie further said that orange glows will still be used is some areas for safety reasons as the GPs technology might not work for all riders and this may compromise the rider’s safety.

In another development Berrie noted that even though the race is expected to attract the best riding talent, Botswana’s most celebrated riders Ross Brach may not make the event.

“As we speak I am not sure he will appear. He is said to be waiting for a new bike but we remain hopeful he will be there come Saturday” Berrie told Voice Sport.

On another note Berrie intimated that they will be no young riders this time around.

“This race is done in the bush and children may get lost” she said.

Meanwhile the race starts at nine in the morning and spectators will be expected to pay an entry fee which at the time of going to press was yet to be determined.

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