Of Chiwenga’s illness and stepping on a lion’s tail

This week I chose to ignore our struggles.

But I must hasten to say that sharing my problem last week on this platform helped a great deal as a bighearted colleague was quick to come to our rescue by buying medication for my diabetic husband and timely sending it across the border.

We had failed to buy the medication as most pharmacies were demanding the hard-to-get US dollar, which we did not have while those that were taking the local currency had more than tripled the prices.

Out of frustration, I shared the predicament and as they say, ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ because within two days my husband had his medication at hand.

And what since struck me is that our economic problems seem to be here to stay so we might as well learn to adjust and live with it despite the stress.

I now walk more instead of driving to save fuel, which is in short supply while finding comfort in that walking is actually good for health.

I haven’t eaten bread for three days because at least three shops where I normally buy it has not been stocking it and I am not prepared to queue for it, so have instead been having healthier sweet potatoes.

And oh by the way, there is also no beef in most butcheries and supermarkets and where it is available, prices are ridiculously high (around $16/ P160 per kilogramme) so when what we have in the fridge finishes, I will only be eating white meat and vegetables, unless of course if prices go back to the old prices of around $6 (P60) per kilogramme.

So I guess by the time things get back to normal I will be a healthier being!

But as already mentioned, I don’t intend to focus on our struggles as ordinary women and men on the streets because there is one man’s health struggle that caught my attention this week.

Vice President, Constatino Chiwenga returned from South Africa on Tuesday evening where he had gone to seek medical attention.

According to the state media, he was being treated for injuries sustained in a bombing in June at a campaign rally in Bulawayo, which is clearly not true.

What we do know is that the vice president, who is also the former army commander, has not been well since last November after playing a crucial role in a military coup that led to the ouster of former president Robert Mugabe.

Chiwenga, who has since changed complexion, apparently due to bleaching, has in the past claimed that him and his wife have vitiligo (a disease that causes loss of skin colour) which started soon after the coup.

Naughty people call him Comrade Bleachy whenever his complexion issue is talked about.

What however made news this week is a video of one Pastor Alph Lukau of Allelujah Ministries International, Sandton, South Africa prophesying to a woman who claimed to be Chiwenga’s niece.

Zimbabwe being a Christianity dominated country has quite a number of people who follow or believe in prophesies from Pentecostal or fire churches.

There is also a wide belief that witchcraft does exist, hence the said video became a talking point.

In the video the pastor says Chiwenga is sick because ‘he stepped on the tail of a lion’, insinuating that he was bewitched as he even goes as far as to say modern medicine treatment won’t work.

Now that’s where it gets interesting because a question arises; which ‘lion’ had its tail stepped on by Chiwenga.

Zimbos being Zimbos went on an overdrive to give answers, with most suggesting that it’s obviously Uncle Bob who is still bitter and will never forgive his former allies for removing him from power.

The interesting coincidence is that the Chiwengas started having skin related problems soon after the coup, so could it be that Mugabe really bewitched the former army general, or the prophet was just waffling? Take your pick.

As for me, I can only wish the VP well but when modern medicine doesn’t permanently heal him, maybe he must consider seeking audience with the ‘lion’.

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