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Obesity must fall – mazoe makers

Obesity must fall – mazoe makers
THE ORIGINAL: A bottle of 'old' Mazoe on the table

There has been a lot of noise about the new Mazoe Orange Crush taste (or lack of taste) but I had largely ignored it because we are in winter and only drinking hot beverages.

The juice is not only a leading brand in Zimbabwe but also has many ‘fans’ across borders, including here in Botswana.

I remember how sometime last year, a colleague in the newsroom had to hide a bottle of Mazoe, arguing that some people drank more than one glass a day yet it had to be taken equally by all who contributed towards its purchase!

While each person could afford to buy his/her own bottle of the juice, there was always that camaraderie brought by buying and enjoying the drink as a group.

And come to think of it, I love Mazoe and I’m not obese (no matter how much the scales try and convince me otherwise!) and neither are my family members or colleagues who are all loyal to this luscious liquid.

So I personally think the reason by the Schweppes company that it changed the recipe of the much loved juice to fight obesity does not hold water for many of us.

Of course there is this modern worldwide trend of reducing sugar content in juices and fizzy drinks but shouldn’t the company have introduced another brand with less sugar without changing the original?

In a statement released this week, after a social media backlash over the new ‘tasteless’ Mazoe, the company issued a comment saying it had taken a global decision to do more when it comes to dealing with obesity.

“We’ve begun a journey towards this goal, including reducing the sugar in our Mazoe syrups and Mazoe Orange Crush,” read the statement, which was not received well by the drink’s lovers on social media.

“Why not launch a new product for people with obesity and leave us to enjoy our sweet mazoe,” wrote one Karen Gwinisa, while another Twitter user, using the name Faithoverfeelings, observed, “They should just tell us the truth that they are cutting costs instead of lying to us. Zimbos like gaining weight, it’s a sign of good living, lol.”

One Tshuma31 on the other hand said, “You can’t make obesity decisions for us, we have our ways of fighting obesity, Mazoe ngadzokere pakutapira (Mazoe should be sweet again)” while KevmaseM tweeted, “My South African dudes love our Mazoe sweet, leave it like that unless you wanna turn it to Oros.”

Couldn’t agree more with these Tweets and so would many people. They must just bring back our old Mazoe.

Anyway, enough of this now tasteless Mazoe, which I am sure I will no longer be buying.

On the political front, according to a recent national survey, they will likely be a run-off after the first round of elections in July, as none of the two leading presidential hopefuls will garner the required 51percent to be declared a winner.

Only time will tell if this comes to pass as we continue to be bombarded with false promises by both Zanu PF and the Movement for Democratic Change –Alliance.

I suppose, unlike politics, at least this new Mazoe doesn’t leave a bitter taste!

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