NTT Nissan Launch the Navara

NTT Nissan launched their latest model, the Nissan Navara, at Francistown’s Roots Merilicious cafe last Wednesday.

Equipped with a number of exciting, state-of-the-art features, the impressive new model is available for P420, 000.

The 4×4 off-roader contains a 2.3 diesel engine boasting 140 kilowatts of raw power and a 450 Newton motor. The 5-seater is fitted with a rear-view camera for reversing and electric windows.

For a big car, the Navara is also relatively economical to run, with a fuel consumption of 14.7 kilometres per litre. It is also environmentally friendly, with a fuel emission ratio of 172 grams per kilometre.

Speaking to Voice Money at the launch, Nissan’s principal dealer, Wikus Combrik described the Navara as a ‘phenomenal vehicle’ that will ‘sell itself’.

According to Combrik the car, which comes with a 6-year guarantee, is designed for comfort and is perfect for long journeys.

Combrik urged people to come to Nissan and test drive the car, predicting that they would fall in love with it if they did.

‘‘Our new vehicle will be sold country wide as we have branches in Gaborone, Maun and Francistown and we have already sold four vehicles,’’ he said.

For those unable to afford a one-off P420, 000 payment for the Navara, the car is available on instalment at P9, 500 a month for six years.

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