Ntsuape denied bail
DENIED BAIL: No relief for Ntsuape

No compassion for ‘burning passion’

Alleged serial arsonist and murder suspect, Gobuamang Ntsuape, 32, saw his hopes of freedom go up in smoke when Francistown High Court remanded him in custody on Wednesday.

Branded ‘burning passion’ after supposedly setting his victims and their property alight in a fit of jealous rage, Ntsuape requested bail on account that he has been languishing in jail awaiting trial since his arrest in September 2016.

“Everyone is innocent until proven guilty,” the softly spoken suspect told presiding Judge, Lot Moroka quietly.

However, whilst Moroka admitted this was true, he pointed out that Ntsuape is a flight risk and so not a suitable candidate for bail.

Making reference to an affidavit filed by Investigating Officer (IO) Amogelang Bongwe on behalf of the prosecution, the Judge said, “Detective states that the applicant is a flight risk and is likely to commit more offences.”

Two months after his arrest, in December 2016, Ntsuape was amongst a group of prisoners being transported from Magistrate Court to Gerald Prison, when the Toyota Quantum they were travelling in overturned.

Police believe the Ramotswa native caused the accident, which claimed the lives of Thuso Ntusa, a Special Constable and another inmate, Emmanuel Mapholo, who was facing a rape charge.

It is alleged that Ntsuape, despite being handcuffed, managed to grab the driver of the Quantum in an attempt to gain control of the steering wheel, causing the mini-bus to overturn.

He was charged with two counts of manslaughter and a single count of disabling in order to commit an offence.

Ntsuape was then transferred to Serowe Prison for his own safety after receiving death threats from his fellow prisoners, baying for his blood as they blamed him for the death of another inmate.

Judge Moroka also noted that the prosecution were worried that if granted bail, the accused might come into contact with state witnesses.

The State alleges that Ntsuape deliberately torched his ex-girlfriend, Docus Kgosietsile’s house in Francistown’s Block 7 location on the 22nd of September – an action that resulted in the death of her mother, Sadie Kgosiemang, 54.

Ntsuape is charged with attempting to kill Chief Kgosietsile, Segolame Kgosietsile, Tiro Kgosietsile and his son, Matla Kgosietsile.

He is also charged with burning two cars, being a Mazda and Nissan belonging to the Kgosietsile’s.

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